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Hair Care Products I Swear By

Posted on October 24 2016

I’ve been focussing on my hair a lot more this year than I have done before and I’ve finally perfected my haircare routine with some products that I absolutely swear by. Of course my hair requires a lot more love at the minute because I’m getting it dyed blonder and blonder quite regularly, so what I put in it is important and I rarely vary what I use!

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Shampoo

I switched over to this a few months ago now after reading about the silicon and colourants in most drugstore brands that can damage your hair and give a false sense of ‘clean’. I gave the idea a good read and found that there are a few professional products that don’t contain all the nasty stuff – then just as I was about to splash out on a pro set, I found this! It’s silicon and colourant free meaning your hair is actually clean after use! Of course my hair felt a bit weird after using it for the first time – mainly because it didn’t have the coating over it that made it feel ‘clean’ but after a few goes my hair got healthier and healthier – plus it doesn’t go greasy as quickly anymore!

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Conditioner

This is the matching conditioner to go with the shampoo (obviously) but I didn’t start using this until I’d been using the shampoo for a couple of months. I figured, I’m getting my hair nice and clean with the best shampoo yet I was still using a conditioner full of everything I was washing away? A conditioner is just a conditioner to me, you’re very unlikely to find ‘the one’ but the set together for me is heaven sent. My hair has seriously never felt so healthy and clean.

Provoke Purple Shampoo

When I was younger and attempting to dye my hair ‘blonde’ I always came out with that dreaded brassy orange hair, and God knows why this was never recommended to me! It’s a toning shampoo so any kind of brassy tones in my hair are dulled down. Since starting the blonde process back in March I’ve been lobbing this. I do keep it on a lot longer than the bottle tells me to but I’m forever losing track of time, thankfully there haven’t been any lilac-hair instances just yet! I love how fresh my colour looks every time I use it, so much so that I can’t see myself being without it again!

Redken Blowdry Gel

I’ve been using this for years now after a hairdresser used it on my hair and I just adored how smooth my hair came out. I ended up buying some straight away when I got home and - believe it or not – I’m still on the same tube! It isn’t specifically for frizzy hair (I don’t think so anyway) but my hair is so much smoother when I use this before drying my hair! You only need a little blob of it each time and you just smooth it through your hair!