There are so many steps in getting ready for the day or even a night out! There is hair, make-up and accessorizing. Let alone picking out the right outfit too. This is how I typically get ready for my day…

I first check the weather and where I am going to appropriately pick out my outfit. For example, if I am going to school, I usually wear a nice top with leggings or jeans. Alternatively, if I am going out with friends for dinner or a party, I probably would choose a dress or a skirt plus top. I then accessorize my outfit as needed. The outfits that are more solid colors I would add more jewellery. However, if it is a patterned top or pants, I tend to not add other pieces. If I do, I have to be careful because it can easily become too busy.

Then my makeup is next. Prior to my makeup, I fully wash my face (usually in the shower). Before I go out I cleanse and toner my face to keep it fresh. If I do have extra time or it is a special event, I would do a brightening mask. My makeup routine is very simple; I sometimes search up Youtube makeup tutorials for a more daring look. Otherwise, my typical foundation, bronzer, mascara, winged liner and eyes. Similarly, to clothing, depending where I am going to base my makeup off of that. For example, if I am going out to a fancy event, I would go for a smoky eye look and bolder liner. But if I am just heading to school, then I would simply do a light color shadow instead. Here is a break down on the steps I do… 

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Step 1: Primer and conceal any blemish and dark circles

Step 2: Base off with foundation

Step 3: Work with liquid foundation and powder foundation is key to flawless skin

Step 4: Then a pop of color with blush

Step 5: Apply shimmery eye base

Step 6: For a touch of pop, add a color liner

Step 7: Add definition to the cheekbones, and nose

Step 8: Luscious lips with a favorite lipstick or lipgloss

Again, the steps can be expanded to be more complicated if I want to go for a heavier makeup look.

The last step is to choose the shoes and purse I want to take with me. If I am going out with friends I usually carry a small crossbody purse with me. This is the easiest way to fit all the things I need. However if I am going on all day trip, then I tend to bring a bigger purse with me. If I am going to school, of course I bring my backpack. Then my shoes are picked out based on the amount of walking I have to do. More walking means running shoes or a comfy pair of flats and less walking for a night out means a nice pair of heels!

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