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Forgotten Makeup Favorites

Sometimes a few of the best products are left forgotten in our make up box… it was one of the product we used to the most but now it is hidden in the corner and sadly, forgotten about. These are a few of products that should be bought back to your makeup up box immediately!! Once you start using them again, you won’t want to stop and it will no longer be left aside.

In the face make up box, Chanel foundation has definitely been left behind and forgotten about. What was once everyone’s favorite has now been pushed away and replaced. It is important to bring it back because it is such a rich based foundation and never failed to leave a flawless face. It easily helps conceal and hide any darks spots, under bags and other blemishes. It truly gives a velvety smooth finish to the face. Although the Chanel foundation tends to be pricier than other brands but it never hurt to dig it back up for the season – Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet SPF 15.  

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Soft lips balm stick was something I saw everyone carrying around a few years ago. Ever since then EOS has grown to take over the market as well. Both, Soft lips and EOS are forgotten balms that should be picked up to save those chap lips this cold season.  Soft lips and EOS was taken over by Baby lips, however in my personal opinion, EOS and soft lips won’t be beat. Baby lips was known for its color tint and cute, stylish tube, but as of effect I don’t find it as good as the others.

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OPI nail polishes are also not as popular as it used to be. Essie has been taking over but we must not forget about OPI. OPI has many new line continuous coming out. There is a line of colors based off of pop color! Their Hello Kitty collection offered at ASOS is also super cool!


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The yellow lotion by Clinique is never to be forgotten. This is a cult classic as everyone calls it, it has won awards over 9 plus times! Over time the lotion has been reformulated over time and repackaging too! This lotion is one of the best and helps moisturize so well. This product is great for both the body and the face. It makes a great foundation base for the face. This is a must for the winter and fall season because it helps with dryness.

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