Summer festivals are a wonderful time of year to show off your boho style. In the past years, sequins, fringes, flower crowns have been a trendy hit on the grounds. You will probably see a whole lot of cute, weird and rather interesting outfits around… but all in all it is such that makes summer festivals so much fun.

With the right outfits prepared for your big day on the grounds, you are bound to have a thrilling time at a summer festival. The right outfit does take work, prepping and thinking in order to create the perfect, effective and OBVIOUSLY, eyes-on-you type of look, try these tips out to rock your outfit this summer.

Ditch the fringe for a belt this year, better yet trade in your fringe cross body purses for a on-waist vintage bag. Don’t you dare mistake that trending waist bag as your typical BORING fanny pack, it’s the 20th century and our generation is MUCH cooler than that TBH. They have come a long way since the 90’s and make a trendy and effective accessory. You DO NOT  want to carry a pound of stuff in your giant purse.

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What to bring in your fanny pack? You may be surprise upon getting your fanny pack because it does fit A LOT, but make sure you only bring the essentials. Proper skincare is a MUST because you will be outside pretty much all day long. Make sure all the products you are using are high in SPF. Products such as concealer, lip balm, sunscreen, dry shampoo, blotting sheets, deodorants make a good starter pack.


Accessorize your outfit with small dangly pieces can go a long way. Chockers are totally in and make great touches to a simple look. There are many different styles of chokers, some more “extra” than others, this really depends on your style. You can also choose from single strends of multiple. Another “new trending” jewelry is designed with pom-poms, who doesn’t like pom-poms?! Super fun and cute to accessorize with.


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Ditch the heels if you want to enjoy your time. Yes, there are girls in high heels but trust me they don’t last long. Instead pick up a pair of metallic or unique/trendy style of sandals instead. They will last you much longer than any heels. It’s important to feel comfortable because you will be standing all day.


Less an outfit tip but more of a heads-up recommendations is that off shoulder and crop shirts are the total in-style for this summer. If you haven’t already seen it like EVERYWHERE, you better head on into the mall to pick one up! You will not regret it because these things are the cutest ever!  

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