I feel like the months just go by so fast, I have hardly accomplished anything major yet. What have you done this year so far? On a beauty aspect, I have found a few new products that I am absolutely in love with this month.

I found this product while browsing for a brightening treatment via Estee Lauder’s website and I am so amused with it. It is the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm and it claims to: micro-Purifying, Micro-revitalizing. This lightweight balm melts into a silky cleansing oil as you massage over skin, then transforms with water into a milky emulsion that rinses easily for a clean, conditioned feel. Removes makeup and impurities, including pollution, as it purifies deep within skin’s surface to improve your overall healthy look. The scent of this thing smells so good! I did find it a bit hard to dig into, it’s more of a lip balm texture than lotion. When I first got this product, I was a bit confused on how it works. So, all you have to do is apply it to the face and the eyes, then the oil melts, while removing your makeup. It does say not to use on the eye and it will sting if you get it in, but it works so well in removing mascara and eyeliner. After cleansing and rinsing off, I wiped my face again with a makeup remover pad, and it came out fairly clean. 

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Another product I fell in love with is Spongelle. This is actually an American brand I found via reading a blog. Spongelle is a body wash infused buffer and these are literally the best thing invented. They come in different shapes and scent. My favourite is the bourbon vanilla one. This little sponge does so much more than any other loofah. It does a great job with buffing away dead skin cells and leaving your skin smelling amazing. Their hockey puck shape one is so great for travelling as well. The down side about these things is that they don’t last forever. Although, on the packaging they claim to last 5+ uses, I found myself using it way more than so. And even afterwards, once the soap is gone, it works great as a buffer with my own body wash. You can pick these up at Anthropologie!

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Lastly, I have also picked up two bottles of French Girl product for cleansing the face. I have recently started breaking out with pimples and I am trying to tweak my routine a little bit to see how if there are any chances. I got the French Girl facial polish and the floral toner. I was a bit disappointed with the facial polish because it is not as easy to use as I thought it would be. You have to mix it with water than use it as a scrub. On the other hand, the facial toner is so refreshing. I spray in before I go to bed every night. It is also PH- balancing toner which uses flora extracts and hyaluronic acid to help prep the skin! Also picked this goody up at Anthropologie!

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