The warm weather is the perfect time to get out and play! There are so many great summer activities that you can do, but summer is only so long. You got to be selective on which events or place you go to.

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If you are looking for an adrenaline rush some outdoor activities that are most definitely for you is Whitewater rafting, zip lining, treetop treks. There are some great treetop treks that have a bit of everything. A lot of them have a rope course, swinging bridges, swings, nets that are great for friend and family. This is the ultimate all-day summer outdoor activity.


If you are looking for something a bit more into the wilderness, try going to a bike tour, plan a canoe trip or even go fishing. A great long weekend or even a weekend trip is to go camping. Before you get all grossed out, camping is actually A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!!! During camping, you get to explore the area through hiking or if you want, rent a boat to tour around. The air there is completely different than the air in the city. Similarly, you will also find that the surrounding and sky is SO MUCH CLEARER! If you are lucky you might even catch some stars in the sky!!!

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Other things that’s exciting within a camping trip is the meals you get the prepare. Nothing beats starting a camp fire in the middle of the camp ground, have everyone surround the fire while you bbq a nice big dinner. The best part?! The smores making right after dinner. If you go with friends, it gets super exciting, once  everyone sits around and starts telling stories. In movies they tell horror stories… but in real life, if you get a few beers around, it’s more the funny stories than horror.


If you are not into too much of the wilderness or the thrill, try touring around your city. You would be surprised what you will find! Summer time is the best for exploring because everyone’s free to go out, the weather is so nice, and there are also festivals and events going on. If you check your local calendar, often times you will find great local events happening. You will catch some excellent and mouth watering street food and shows. If there isn’t anything going on, it never hurts to grab a bike and start touring!!! You might even find that hidden local dessert gem or a perfect closed-off vintage store!


Horseback riding is also a great outdoor activity, often times there are nearby horseback trails you can join. Many are no experience needed! It’s super easy, hop on a horse and they guide you through some hidden trials. Or if you are a beginner, the not-so hidden trails are also available!

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