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Favorite Summer Lipsticks

There are many different shades of lipsticks and some are great for the summer season. This is because it will help add not color to your lips but also more dimension. However, you may think that the plumper and define your lips are the better., but it’s not the case. In a recent study from the University of Manchester, it is identified that lip size doesn’t really matter, in fact it is actually the color of your lip and the pigment that attract others. Therefore, the pigment and the color of your lips is what matter most. So in order to  get your flirt on this summer, you got to be picking the right color for your lips.


If you are looking for more of a classic vibrant color for your lips, try a red glossy finish. The M.A.C. Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby Woo is one of many favorites. If you are looking for your first red lipstick, this is the one! It is a basic and easy to go with color. If you are looking for a bit cleaner look or want a more define lip shape, check out the matching lip liner for this too.  

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What’s all the MUA must have lipstick this summer?! That’s obviously the Bite line lipstick that is HOT, HOT and HOT this summer! If you haven’t heard of the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick you are missing out on so much. There are currently 54 shades available and they are so fab for summer. What’s so special about these lipsticks!? Based on MUA reviews, Bite’s line of lipsticks are bold and creamy colors. They stand out because these are made small batch, low heat process to preserves a balance blend of lip-quenching nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils. This means that these are great for maintaining your healthy-looking lips.

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Dare to stand out?! If you are, then why not try ORANGE!!! Don't freak out, orange actually looks really nice on the lips. Not to mention, it is making a HUGE comeback. And although it's not a classic or a super safe choose, it sure does make a great statement. So when you are hesitant or not sure what color to choose, go with a super pigmented color ~ you won't regret it! 

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BeneFit Cosmetics They're Real Double the Lip Lipstick is also great for this season.  this product came out a few months ago and it comes with a few different shades. this is the KEY to lazy people lip makeup. sometimes it can be difficult to do a lip-liner and a lipstick. this is ideal because it's a two in one. It helps add depth to your lip color while get your color on the lip as well. 

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