Pinterest is one of my favorite place for a light of inspiration. I have started using Pinterest a year ago and the amount of creativity I have come across is astonishing. There are DIYs, recipes, project ideas, renovation that are beyond words. I love exploring new ideas to revamp or try new things, and so in today’s blog post, I will be going over a few of my favorite Pinterest accounts, that I will guarantee that you will find some fabulous inspiration.

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I have started following Bonnie Tsang for over two years now and her account has such nice shots. One of my favorite series from her is the “Place to Go”. There is a main one, and then another one for LA and London – two of my dreams destination. She has a few boards that are more of an artistic approach too which is great to browse through too. Bonnie is from LA, CA and an editorial and commercial photographer, which totally explain her eye for such flawless pictures. Her Pinterest has also been named one of the Top 30 Pinterest Curators to follow by Time magazine!


I started following Steph through her blog about half a year ago, her beauty blog totally inspired with some unique finds. I was so excited when I found out she was on Pinterest too! Her boards are filled with assorted lifestyle posts, but most are things that totally match my style as well. I particularly follow her beauty and hair boards as they are filled with inspiration to spice and peak some new ideas.


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I usually don’t follow company Pinterest boards because I tend to find their social media accounts a bit biased, but this one is different.’s boards are one of a kind art, they do have a handful that are directly related to their company, but also mixed in other external images too. Their boards have a more of an artistic approach to it that is super different but at the same time so intriguing! Speaking of this shop, I do recommend their products, although sometimes a bit overpriced, their agenda and phone case designs are my favorites! I recently got a phone case that says “chill pills”, the cutest thing ever!

Syan Ying, my all-time favorite DIY and hands-on Pinterest. Although this account doesn’t have as many followers or not as popular as the others one I have featured on this blog today, this account has an eye to some great inspiration projects. There are some complex home ones, but also some easy to do project. One of my favorite board is the beauty hacks, I always check for new postings. I am also so obsessed with organizing, so the space saving one is always so intriguing for me! Check this beauty hack out for a DIY matte topcoat that I found through this board -


I am going to end this blog post off with everyone’s favourite – food!



I warn you not to browse this if you are hungry or in bed craving food. This food blogger and receipt developer is golden for her recipes. Her recipes are not only delicious but it is super gorgeous to look at. Her account is almost my go to whenever I have to make a dish for a party or a potluck. I never fail to impress with this account filled with ideas!

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