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Fall Makeup Wishlist

My birthday weekend just past and I did my annual spree at my favourite store – Sephora. I usually only do it around my birthday time because I can actually mange to snatch a few more items than I usually do. Shout out to my parents! So without further adieu here are the top Fall Makeup Wishlist. P.S I also love how I got assigned this topic right about now because I have been working on this list for the past few weeks.

I have always been the biggest fan of Clarisonics. I literally live off of those things. They without a doubt clean your skin so thoroughly, it is actually unbelievable. You have probably heard results from others using it, and I am here to confirm that it works. I have the smart profile, which is a little bit bigger in size especially for travelling. The Clarisonic Mia Fit came out and it is twice as small. The design also has two speed setting but it is known to be lightweight and compact! Also comes in three different colours, the blue is my fav! 

 Image Courtesy of Sephora | via 

I have been eyeing on a few set of brushes for my makeup table for a few months now. I have always wanted the two sided Tarte collection but then literally a few days ago Sephora’s new line of brushes came out! Suddenly, brushes became my #1 must need. I don't know about you, but that brush handle is to die for! This set has it all, from powder to foundation, to eyeliner and brow. I have had a set of Sephora brushes in the past and it is amazing. The fiber used in the brushes hare super soft and fine. I have a few friends with sensitive skin and they never have problems with this.

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Here are a few more items that I have been waiting to pick up from the past few months. Keep in mind these are also the perfect Fall items to have!

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette is used on almost every Makeup Guru's Youtube videos. This is the go to palette for eye contouring. It features a three colour quad in neutral, cool and warm shades. The palette has easy to follow instructions, but literally trust me when I say, that every YouTube guru uses this. So it is super easy to follow along. 

Image Courtesy of Sephora | via 

I also need a new Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced. I bet I have mentioned this mascara before in some of my other blog posts and I have to say, I still haven’t found a mascara that can fully replace this one. The Smashbox mascara I mentioned in the GenBeauty post was good, and somewhat in par with this, but at the end of the day, once the BTS runs out, I have to run out and get a new one!


Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder in color 0 is also something I have been eyeing on for a while. I am just not yet ready to splurge $60 of my paycheck. I have heard such amazing reviews on the product, and checking it out in store just made me ten times more excited to get it! It is known to last for a super long time and giving it the perfect amount of shimmer. I tried it on, and it looks so good! 

Image Courtesy of Sephora | via 

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