Ekk, I am so excited to tell you all that I will be heading to Mexico in just few days! I was able to take a few days off and enjoy the super great deals for all-inclusive vacations this time of year. Seriously, I am paying merely a grand for an all-inclusive trip at a 5-star resort – definitely something to consider! Packing is always a burden, although seven days isn’t too long, I tend to want a new day and night outfit for the whole trip, and that adds up to over 10+ outfits (I already got six new bikinis for this trip – my boyfriend thinks I am crazy). Plus, half my make-up and beauty shelf… this is why packing is a burden. And I bet it is going to take my boyfriend an hour to pack the night before we depart. Anyways, today’s blog post will be on how to efficient pack so you can fit your entire wardrobe into one suitcase.

First thing first is to pick out the essentials that can be worn more than once. Seeing how my outfit is going to be different from the day time to night time, sometimes there are pieces that can mix and match to create a casual vs up-scaled look. A few items to consider are:

  • Black leggings
  • Maxi skirt
  • Cardigan
  • Basic tank-tops
  • Mini-skirt
  • Jeans (?) – I feel like this is an essential for a lot of people, but I’m sorry it’s a no for me because why jeans when there are leggings (comfy first)

A few of the pieces I listed above can be paired up with different tops for a totally new look. One of my favorite piece is a skater-type mini skirt. I pair with a more elegant crop top for a dinner outfit, or I can wear it with a bikini and a shaw. Similarly, with the maxi skirt, it can very well do the same. Cardigan sometimes make a good beach cover-up especially on cloudy days (because it’s more cool). I would recommend saving your leggings for the airport because sometimes the plane gets a bit cool. Considering the hot weather in Mexico, I will probably won’t even touch the leggings mid-trip.


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For makeup and beauty products, this is your chance to dig up all those Sephora samples! I have boxes of mini travel size, sample packs, half-size all thanks to Sephora. I always tell myself that I should start using these products… but I never end up touching it. So, this is the perfect time to do so. If you live nearby a Sephora, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of their free sample system either! For example, if there are a few particular products you use, drop by Sephora and ask for a sample. This way you don’t have to carry all the full-size bottles with you. 


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The key to fitting everything in one suitcase is to roll it all into one. Garments like underwear, t-shirt, tank tops, cotton pants, you can roll it all together stiffly. Place all the rolled items in the bottom of the bag. On top fill it will the rest of your clothes. If something is more likely to wrinkle, fold it carefully. A tip my mom taught me is to place a dry-cleaning bag over it to avoid all the clothes from tumbling and creasing.

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Also one more thing, shoes is probably the hardest thing to pack because I just want to take all my 20 pairs of sandals with me but they take up so much space. I go by the rules of four, casual sandal, running shoes (for active activities), flip flops, and a fancier pair for night time.


Happy traveling!