Counting down the days until summer! It is right around the corner and don’t forget to get some of your trips planning. A great thing to do during summer is going on a roadtrip. Trust me, you definitely will get some great quality bonding time with whoever is in the car with you. A few summers ago, I took a road trip with my boyfriend and another couple friend. We were out for almost two weeks and travelling all around Canada. It was like this long double date, as I would call it. It was so much fun! We went west and saw some of the most gorgeous sceneries! We took turns driving, sleeping, eating and make jokes all along the way. I would definitely say one of the best trips I have been on!

If we talk food during a roadtrip, making your own snacks is the best. Mind you, snacks is the best way to kill time. However, there are considerations for planning in-car snacks, such that it can’t be too messy or heavy odor. And trust me, you will want to pack lots of snacks, because those highway stops are either a Tim Hortons or a sketchy coffee shop. I swear, maybe it’s just in Canada, but by the end of the trip I couldn’t step into another Tim Hortons again for like a few months.

In today’s blog post, I am going to share a few of my past time favourites DIY roadtrip snacks, along with a few I have bookmarked to try later this summer. Fingers crossed, if all goes well I will be going on another roadtrip again, and this time travelling east coast of Canada.

I am going to start this with something a bit boring but nevertheless one of my favorites because my parents used to make these for my siblings and I back in the days. I usually like to pack my favorites but of course it can be mixed around. I find that berries, grapes, tangerine slices, mini strawberries, or even small block of orange slices tend to work great for finger fruits. These are super easy to eat and not to mention so healthy! You’ll probably think it’s boring and lame because it’s just a bunch of fruits, but after munching on all those junk food, trust me, you will be glad to pick up a few juicy fruits.


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It was my first time making no bake peanut butter cereal bars for the roadtrip a few summers ago. I made literally enough for twenty people and they were all gone within day two. To be fair, we do have a peanut butter lover in the car ;) These are super easy to make and obviously so delicious. Pretty much it is cereal, peanuts, honey, and peanut butter. You can also add in assorted nuts or even chocolate chips if you want! There are so many different recipes out there, I kind of just play around and experiment with different similar tasting ingredients.


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I have the biggest obsession with guac and I recently found the cutest thing on Pintrest and it is a individual taco cup with wholly guacamole and cabot cheese. You have no idea how excited I got when I linked this to my friends! This is such a easy to make thing and the small containers makes it so much more easier than passing the guac around the car! 

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