Desserts are always great, mini desserts are even better. I’m a sucker for a pudding and I think that’s mainly due to my major sweet tooth but even if you’re not a big dessert fan – you’re going to love these ideas!

Mini Cheesecakes

I think it’s pretty standard that anything mini is classed as cute, so although these may only really just be normal cheesecakes, making them mini adds some cuteness to them. Cheesecake is a good all-rounder in my eyes as you can have it pretty much any time of year and enjoy it just as much. The varieties are endless too so you can cater them to anybody. New York, strawberry, vanilla – so even if you’re not a massive sweet tooth, you can still have a cheesecake!

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Rose Ice Cream

Ice cream is definitely a firm favorite for most people in summer so it’s only right that there’s an ice cream creation out there that’s a little more Instagram worthy! Rose ice creams are becoming pretty common on my ‘recommended’ column (it says a lot about me that my ‘based on photos you like’ are mainly food) and they’re so so pretty. It seems to be that you can get a variety of flavors to give different hues to the rose, or even just use the one flavor if you want it to be a bit more classic. Either way, I want one but I know I’d 100% feel guilty devouring it!

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Marshmallow Penguins

How cute are these?! To me, they look like they’d be even better accompanying  in winter but food is food and I’d eat them all year round! They’re super simple to make too as it just basically a marshmallow with a bit of icing, which gives you even more reason to give them a go. They’re definitely perfect for Pinterest, it’ll only take you 10 minutes to make yourself look like a pro!

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Berry Eton Mess Dessert Shots

These are so sweet – both in flavor and cuteness! I’m pretty sure everyone has some shot glasses laying around (bonus points if you have those gorgeous little mason jar ones) and they’re not hard to make at all so these would be a go to for a little sweet treat at a barbecue! They seem pretty inexpensive too so that’s all the more reason to give them a go – I think the only problem would be that there isn’t enough of them!

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Unicorn Fudge

I’ve definitely saved one of the best for last here. Unicorn themed food and drink has been pretty big so far this year and I definitely think this Unicorn Fudge is my favourite! You can make pretty much anything ‘unicorn’ if you add a few sprinkles, some food coloring and maybe some edible glitter but it’s cute regardless. I love fudge already, but anything with a pink or purple hue and some sparkling things and I’m automatically game. They’re definitely not for the faint hearted as I imagine these are packed full of sugar and E numbers and they’re more than likely to put a dent in your summer body goals, but you can’t deny that they definitely look worth it!

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