I went to the ChickAdvisor ShowCase 2016 event a few weeks ago and I just fell in love! The atmosphere and decor of the whole event was so on point. Everyone dressed to impress and from my first step in, excitement and laughter filled the room. This was my first time attending a medium-sized ShowCase. It was hosted at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Downtown Toronto. As I sat down, the large room began filling up quickly. There were approximately a total of 200 attendees.

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ChickAdvisor launched in 2006 by Ali de Bold. It is a Toronto-based product and services review site for women. It is Canada's leading brand advocacy platform. Through ChickAdvisor users, ChickAdvisor is able to deliver integrated reviews and recommendations across the social network. It is all about creating a community along with brand interaction in developing reviews! I have been a ChickAdvisor member for about a year and half. I have been sent products in the past including CND nail-polishes to test out, review and share my experiences with others. I often browse through high-rated products via ChickAdvisor for product ideas or brand recommendations that best fit my lifestyle.

The ShowCase began with high-tea, there was a live DJ with great music, super charming tea-cups, and a photobooth. Even before the whole “product testing” part of the ShowCase, I was already having a fabulous time! The food was so delicious; I couldn’t help but gush over the dessert – the cheesecake pops, macaroons, tarts, pudding shots, it was all there! The finger food was pretty good too, they had this mini lobster slider-type burger which was so yummy. The overflowing plate plus a cup of earl grey tea got my Sunday sparkling. Over at the photobooth was a lot of fun! They had some adorable props that we got to use, I really liked how we get to pick-up a printed copy of the photo afterwards and send it via mobile. The printed picture is definitely a great take-home memory!

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We also got a mini swag bag at our seat. First thing I reached out is a full-size bottle of Hardys Stamp Wines - Shiraz-Cabernet, a CND creative play nail lacquer, nail filer, a Mary Kay gel semi-Matte Lipstick plus a ChickAdvisor compact mirror and mug.

So for those who have not been to a ShowCase before it is essentially trying products on the spot and posting your thoughts on the ChickAdvisor website, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. Ali de Bold was the MC for the ShowCase and she guided us through a handful of products to try out. What makes it so much more fun doing it live instead of trying the products out at home is that you get to talk about the product amongst your table. I sat at a table with nine other lovely ladies. I had so much fun listening in on other’s thoughts and I also learned a lot of other general tips in regards to make-up, dining, lifestyle, etc. from them. Within the four hours of trying new products and posting them via social media, I felt that sense of community building with others. A few highlights of the ShowCase include wine tasting, a mini tutorial on nails by CND and I tried a few amazing beauty products.

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Overall, it was such a fun event to attend! I got to meet some great ladies, tried a bunch of products – many that I love and would totally re-purchase, and it was such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! ChickAdvisor ShowCase was held in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver this year. Keep an eye out for ChickAdvisor ShowCase 2017!

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