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Care-Packages for Best Friends

It has been two months or so since a few of my friends flew away from home to various countries around the world! Some of them are there for a four-month exchange, some are there for up to a year for work. There are a few in Ireland, England, Netherlands, Italy, and Hong Kong. Missing them in an understatement L but at the end of the day, I am so happy for them for taking on such an amazing opportunity!

One thing I have always wanted to do was send them a care-pack. Unfortunately, I was not able to make a care-pack for all my friends because freight is super expensive. I was however lucky enough to make a few where the shipping was more feasible. Today’s blog post I will be sharing a few of the items I placed in the care-pack and why. Let me know if you have every made a care-pack for a bestie, sister or even a s/o, and you placed in it!

The first item I placed in is a EOS balm, believe or not, EOS is considered very cheap in Canada (and I believe in the States too). It is however a bit more expensive all around the world. In a few of the Europe countries, the weather is similar to here, a bit cool and dry. This was the first thing I thought of when I started the care package.

I added in a new Essie nail polish. It is always exciting to get a new colour to wear. I choose the Lucky Tuxe. I heard super great things about their gel line, and I even picked one up myself! I can’t wait to try it out!


Image Courtesy of Nail Etc | via

A bit random, but ketchup chips! Since it is only available in Canada.

The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - Ultimate Glow was sold out a few weeks ago and it was back in stock for a few days last week. They have no idea this is coming because it is out of stock again, but they are going to so excited and surprised!

A few of them are celebrating their birthday overseas. Some will even be spending the holidays there. I picked up a few super cute cards from Rifle Paper and Co at a local Indigo book store. I labelled them as “open on Dec 25” or “open on your birthday”, etc. I thought this is a great personalized touch. Plus, these cards are actually so freaking adorable, and would make such a perfect wall art.

Image Courtesy of Birchbox | via

Speaking of wall art, I also put together a few wall art prints that I printed on card stock. I have recently decorated my room with them and they will make a great addition to the dorms or rooms they are currently living in! Check out all these free printable here:


This is a classic and don’t even require a explanation. And of course, only available in Canada! 

Image Courtesy of CTV News | via


Lastly, a small candle Bath and Body works or a Lush bomb. I had to keep the candle small because of the weight. But nothing like a pumpkin spice smell gearing up for the Fall!

I am so excited for my friends to receive it and I can’t wait for their reactions! And if they miss me just as much, hopefully this will make them miss me a bit less too ;) 


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