It might sound fun when your friends hit you up with a camping trip for the long weekend. We see it in the movies – sleeping under the stars, canoeing across the river, telling stories under the tent, it looks like a perfect outdoor weekend. If this is your first time going, you better check this out, because in reality camping is not so glam....(that is if your not prepared). If you have been camping before, bet you can relate to all of this…

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One great tip for camping is to stay as organized as possible! There is so much going on during the trip, and if you are with friends, chances are everyone is setting up something. With different stuff laying around it's really easy to lose important items. So if you have a system together it will keep the trip enjoyable and less stressful. Once it gets dark, trust me when I say - it's SUPER hard to find anything let alone something important such as a pocket knife. A good way to stay organized is with clear storage containers to hold all the gear, separate belongings by per category and you have one successful camping trip!

A good light source as tacky as it sounds is a head torch. You might think that you would look super weird with one on your head but if you are going to the washroom with no light, in the middle of the night can get messy when you go a flashlight in one hand. With these like tacky things, you got both hands free!

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Having trouble starting a fire? Well, bring cotton balls and petroleum jelly. You might think these two items together may be random and crazy, but in fact they make an AMAZING fire starter. Cotton balls can be easily stored in a Ziploc bag prior to the trip. Another option is to use the cardboard found under toilet paper rolls, this allows you to waste less. Mix that with dryer lint and you have a fire. In fact, dryer lint recognized to be so effective in starting fires. If you are planning on starting multiple fires, you can stuff dryer lint into an egg carton and then cut it per egg placeholder,  In other words, you have a fire to last you all weekend long!

Sometimes at night time it can get pretty chilly even though it’s SUPER hot during the day. There are tricks to keeping warm while you are sleeping.  This trick will help you the most when you are choosing your sleeping bag, there are different bags on the market for different types of weather. Check accordingly to find the perfect type for you. In addition to that, check out this awesome few tips below on how to stay warm while camping!

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The Beauty Front! Keep your makeup lightweight and avoid any super dewy foundations! The last thing you want is to feel sticky outdoors, keep your makeup breezy and dry. Most importantly don't forget your SPF, now is the time to bust out SPF foundations and sunscreen. 

Finally, in order to ensure you have a good time on your trip, plan on bringing A LOT of insect repellent or bug spray! Do your homework before your camping trip and do research on the place you will be visiting. Some parks will tell you what type of insects, plants or animals they have in their surrounding areas, this can be helpful information to avoid a dangerous situation. One of the things that’s bound to occur are mosquitoes and other kinds of bugs. There are so many different options to get avoid bugs, or at least minimize them. There are torches, lanterns, and other solutions that you can place in your camp site that will help! 

Remember, camping is about having fun, and enjoying the outdoors! Leave your electronics somewhere safe, and just embrace the experience!