Weekend two of Coachella happened this weekend and there were some fabulously looking outfits all around the ground. If you are scratching you head, wondering what Coachella is, then you are missing out! Coachella is a day and night of non-stop fun. It is America’s biggest PLUS COOLEST music festival ever. It is held in sunny Cali. The festival gets better every single year and a total squad-goal activity. If you are from the States and have never made it out to Coachella, mark it on your bucket list, because EVERYONE have attended at least once. And we are talking Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie, Kate Bosworth and a few others!

If we are talking fashion at Coachella, a tour around the festival group to the poolside parties to the tents, every single year the fashion trends and styles go on to a completely next level. From boho looks to technical looks, there is something for everyone out there.

Here is Kendall partying it up at Coachella!

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 For the more Boho look, suede and fringes are everywhere. It is marvellous to see all the goers’ outfits because you can tell a lot of heart and soul was put into it. A few other top trends include “barely there” denim shorts, ethereal frocks, sandals, flower crown. Need inspiration? Check out Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens or Paris Hilton. They have a perfect sense of vintage boheminan look total #socalstyle.



Image Courtesy of Perez Hilton | via

Image Courtesy of Perez Hilton | via


For accessories, sticker gems and temporary tattoos are a must. Don’t forget about the body glitter too! The limit is yours on how you want to style these. The key is to stand out, by the end of the two weekends, you would have seen it all!



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Here are some Coachella outfits ideas ---

One of those Hawaiian button downs with a matching dress underneath, top it off with a pair of comfy shoes of course ! Think like Harley Viera Newtown and don’t heels because you won’t manage an hour in those….


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Another idea of standing out with to wear an unique dress that will capture the photographers! Alexa Chung’s looks at Caochella is definitely a stand out! When desinign your outfits, keep in mind that it’s super hot outside, so even if standing out requires a bit more fabric (the twirl kind) it’s important to do it even layers.

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This year because of the off shoulder trend, a lot of people were adapting to the Jane Birkin’s peasant top look! Oh… look how the times have turned! Check out a few more of these and hope you find some great inspo for any other upcoming festivals.

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