Just the same as every year, 2016 has had a whole host of makeup trends buzzing around on the internet. And whilst some of them are brilliant, there are a few that are slightly, um, weird? I’m a massive fan of the way highlighters have progressed over the last year and this 3D eyeliner trend is insane (in a good way) but not everything is quite up to those standards – some are just out-right strange.

Rainbow Highlighters
As I just said, I’m a massive fan of highlighters and I never feel more powerful than when I’ve got a blinding glow going on, but rainbow highlighters are just something I can’t get on board with. No, I don’t own one and I’ve never tried one, but from what I’ve seen I don’t think I’ll ever be going there. Yes, they may be pretty in the pan but why would you want to spend so long doing a full face of makeup, to then wipe a multi-coloured splodge over it? I do have a purple highlighter myself (as part of the Sleek Solstice palette) but it doesn’t come off overly-purple and more importantly – it’s just one colour. I have no problem with those that choose to use these rainbow highlighters (well maybe a little) but this is not a trend I want to see running into 2017.

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What even. These things only started popping up towards the end of 2016 when MollyCosmetics launched a range of silicone beauty blenders but I’ve been so confused ever since. I think the purpose is to save product as the silicone won’t absorb anything like a normal sponge would, but I just can’t see these working. I’ve seen various videos using these, but I’ve also seen videos of people using bra inserts (?!!!) as a substitute and I can safely say, without even trying it, this one definitely isn’t for me. Weird, just weird.

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Colour Lashes
This one isn’t too bad but it’s definitely not the best. I mean, who needs blue eyelashes? It reminds me of the early 2000s for some reason and it’s just not a look that appeals to me whatsoever. Granted, I haven’t seen anyone out and about with this look going on, but it seems to have dominated my Instagram’s ‘suggestions’ tab lately. Maybe on the catwalk, but it’s not really one for the highstreet.

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Body Contouring
If I’m honest, I wasn’t a massive fan of contouring at all this time last year, but since discovering the Colourpop Bon Voyage bronzer, I’ve been swayed. But for some reason, it was taken to a whole new level in 2016 with people contouring everything. Arms, shoulders, legs, boobs and even necks?! I’m all for using makeup as a means to cheer yourself up a bit, but altering your neck with contouring seems a bit drastic to me! I can’t quite get my head around it, but I’m not going to be giving it a go so I guess I don’t have to!

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Aquarium Nails
By far the worst of them all. I honestly just about heaved when these wretched things came up on my Facebook feed, and for some reason they’ve become a trend? It’s pretty much just some false acrylic nails with a gap left in between a couple of layers, which you then use to add water. Then you seal it up and you have bubbles in your nails, because for some strange reason people want that. I may be over-reacting slightly, but they really do make me feel a bit queasy. I 100% hope this trend dies out this year, or better yet doesn’t make it past the first day!

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