Beauty vloggers on YouTube always feature new items and a handful of products we frequently seen. The more you see the product, the more tempted you want to try. There are handfuls of products that are good buys and regretful buys even though it was featured on their vlogs or blogs. Here are a few products that are very popular and a lot of people ended up craving into and bought it. Again, it doesn’t mean that it was a technically a good product either.

Jelly lipstick is a product that a lot people tried out after YouTube celebrity started talking about them. A good thing is that these viral lipsticks are not too expensive. However, regardless of how much they are, they are not worth a dollar. Although they are cute, they don't work very well. They give a very light pigment, close to a lip balm. Appearance wise it looks super cute, it has gold specks and a tiny flower placed right in the middle of it. It is practically like a glass encased rose. 

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The black peel off mask is all around and everyone has tried it. This one is around for good reasons and hopefully here to stay. These blackhead remover peel off faced mask help remove blackheads and they are a super fun and useful DIY project. It has blown up on Youtube via beauty vloggers, it is also all over Instagram and blogs!  

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Mr Blanc, a teeth whitening strips product and other related products have been viral on Instagram. It is known to be a two week supply of teeth whitening that result with a pearly white smile. It is all over social media, however to a point, often times they are sponsored by the company. Regardless, so many instagram users had showed off their white smiles holding the product... it doesn’t hurt to give the product a try.

A brand that got everyone gazing is Huda Beauty. This brand has been all over beauty blogs, and Youtube channels. It went from a brand that wasn’t too popular to a brand that everyone is excited for! They are very well known for their pigmented eye colors. They also have a great lip line that is known to plump up the lips. Their lip line ranges from darker shades of red to brighter shades. And like their eye color, you will find that their lip line is just as bold and pigmented. Also she was also once a beauty blogger and now a business woman!   

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Sometimes it is important to stop and think that how effective companies are to sponsor blog posts of youtube celebrity to feature products. The more people that features it the more well known the product becomes. Aside from beauty, Daniel Wellington watches is very well known amongst bloggers. Similarly, tea detox for a slim body is also very hyped through celebrity icon on blogs and vlogs trying it out and stating their opinions on the product.