Whenever I go on holiday, it always feels like I need a whole new suitcase just to pack my beachwear in! It’s not very often that I actually get a chance to get away to somewhere hot and relaxing (broke life) so I do tend to go a bit over-board when it comes to holiday shopping!


Cover-ups are pretty much the staple of any beach outfit in my eyes. Whether you opt for a kaftan, a light dress or a sarong, your day at the beach won’t be fully complete without one. They’re perfect for a trip to the bar or a stroll down the streets when you’re on the hunt for lunch because you can keep on your swimwear without sticking out like a sore thumb (because does anyone ever really see the locals parading around in a bikini?)! It’s usually only a light floaty fabric too so even if you have enough to cover one a day for two weeks, it’s not going to be taking up much luggage space!

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Beach Bag

What’s a beach outfit without a key accessory? Everyone, man or woman, needs a good old beach bag. There are so many options out there that are beach-specific but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t find a cute little purse that would do the job just as well! You just need something that will hold all of your holiday essentials: phone, wallet, sun lotion, towel, water and a snack. I personally prefer to use a small backpack so it’s easier to take along on adventures; the last thing you want is an aching arm every day!

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I’m pretty sure this is a given but if not, you’re going to need some swimwear! I know not everybody likes to take a dip in the sea but even if you’re only sunbathing, the lines from a bikini or swimsuit are going to be a lot more discrete than ones from shorts and a tank top! There are so many cute swimwear pieces out at the minute and I’m obsessed with about 90% of them – bikinis are definitely where most of my holiday shopping fund goes!

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As with any kind of outfit for any season, you’re going to need some shoes. Of course you don’t want to walking the streets of Spain or Italy barefoot but you also won’t want to be tie up laces every time you want to walk over to the beach bar, so something you can easily slip on is essential. The best for a beach and sandals and flip flops because they tend to be the easiest slip-on shoes, plus you can avoid coming home with half of the beach left in your shoes!

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Sunglasses are always an essential for me day-to-day but even more so when I hope on a plane and jet off somewhere hot! Of course you need them to protect your vision from harmful rays but that doesn’t mean they can’t complete your whole look! I can never take just one pair away with me, I like to have a good range (plus a backup never hurts, just in case you break a pair). I tend to take a black, pastel/white and a tortoise shell pair with me so I have a matching pair for every outfit! I love a good pair of sunglasses to add that final bit of sass to a look and I’m aiming to keep away crow’s feet lines for as long as possible!

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