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Beach Bag Essentials


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To pack the perfect beach bag begins with a large tote that can fit everything. The best kind of beach bags are light weight and colorful. Straw beach totes are super in style and high recommendable. This one from Macy is very stylish.

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Now for the stuff to go into your beach bag. The first thing is a pair of flip flops. Everyone needs a pair during the summer but to the beach specifically is because sometimes you will have to head to the doc or the restaurant for an ice cream cone, so having these will make it a little more easy to walk on the hot cemented floors. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive pair, a cheap pick up would be at old navy! 

A beach towel also belongs in your beach bag. This summer try spicing it up with interesting pattern and shape beach towels instead of the boring ol’ long rectangular soild color ones. There are some super cute looking ones spotted on the beach these days. One of the most popular ones are the round boho style. They are also found cheap via Amazon.

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Keep your skin clean and fresh with sunscreen and tanning oil if you desire that gorgeous tan! For other beauty products get that SPF going for everything. In the morning if you are going out with a makeup face, your primer and foundation should both have SPF. Other items to consider having SPF are you lips. Lips are sensitive and can easily burnt, so to prevent blister and chapping grab that chap stick or tinted balm with SPF. There are also products you can add to your hair that helps with sun-blocking. Believe it or not, your hair NEEDS PROTECTION too!!! There are beach sprays where it gives you fabulous beachy waves AND have ingredients to have with UV rays. This will 100% help with serious drying out of your strands. Check out Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves Tousled Texture spray.


And a pair of sunnies never hurt anyone. UV damage to the eyes can cause some pretty huge damage. The bigger the better protection you will get! To match the straw beach tote you can pick up a straw floppy hat. Those aren’t lame anymore because a fun message on them makes it SO much cooler! 

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DON’T FORGET!!! ENTERTAINMENT IS MUST NEED! You may want to sleep and jump into the water but sitting on the beach with a book, ipod, or a magazine makes it so much more fun. You can also bring some yummy snacks and drinks for a picture-perfect day at the beach!!

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