I jumped a little when I got this topic because I have so many bad beauty habits and I never even thought of addressing them. This blog post is a border line self-reflection, but it is also filled with different ways we can motivate each other to better. And although we are a bit late into January, we are never too late to add another new year resolution in there. I hope a few of you can relate to some of these bad beauty habits and please feel free to share any other ways you’ve had in addressing them.

Let’s start with an intervention that you can’t deny you have done once in your life – sleeping with your makeup on. I still remember the countless of times I have slept with a face full of makeup during my first year of University. There are days when I am exhausted from school or a party, I just want to lay in bed and crash. And if we are honest, half my makeup is gone by next morning. It’s only recently when I have motivated myself to drag my lazy butt to the washroom to rub off all my makeup. I tell myself that 1. I have white pillow case, white sheets and duvet, do I reall want brown and black smudges on them? And also 2. I read an article via SnapChat story a few months ago on how makeup absorbs into your skin. So, let’s take a vow to get rid of those black rings under your eyes, nice natural even lashes when you wake up, let your skin breathe overnight, because it is overall better for your skin. In the long term, less pimples, acne, breakouts and blackheads. If you want a easy makeup removing routine, try a eye makeup remover that is dedicated for the eyes, and a milk deep cleanser for the face. I recommend makeup wipes from Aveeno, they clean my face so effortlessly!

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Another bed time habit to break is get rid of all the snacking right before bed. Also me putting my hands up for this filthy habits, and I totally understand sometimes Netflix marathon before bed calls for a tube of ice cream or some popcorn but the truth is, the worst them to eat is right before bed! Not only is it because of unburned calories in the tummy, but those calories actually goes into your eyes. Stop the snacking to avoid puffy morning after eyes. If you are hungry try a cup of milk instead! In fact, drinking a warm cup of milk actually helps you sleep better overnight (but no cookie)!

One last habit before I finish off this article, is probably something you always do, but just don’t really know it and didn’t even think it was bad for you! Propping our chin on your hand. I totally do this all the time especially when I am dying of boredom in class, but did you know this actually ruins your chin line. I found this out half a year ago, and ever since them I avoid it at all cost. Keep your posture up, sit up tall, shoulder down, chin level up and just keep those hands on the table or even your lap.

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Habits take time to get rid of, keep motivated, be determined and remember you got this!