Oh! Spring time is always a great season to dig out some great products. I often find that during April and May there are launches of new products, new collections and line. Although a good and exciting thing, I often also find my bank account empty by the end of the month. Just another student living paycheck to paycheck – but you got to do what you got to do ;)

A few things I have invested in during the past month is hair products. Usually my hair behaves so well, like minimal knots, it’s smooth, healthy, and I swear I must have jinxed it or something because my hair is a poof ball these days. And I am totally blaming the weather for this one. I went into Sephora during the VIB sale the other day and splurge on a bunch of Drybar products. A few of the products I got includes: the sparking soda shine mist, 100 proof treatment oil and detox dry shampoo.


The sparking soda shine mist is used to help with taming frizz and flyaways. I usually spray this the day after washing my hair. My hair is often super dry until the next day (when it starts getting a bit of oil), so this product really helps with the static and the frizz. It also has UV absorbents to keep color vibrant and prevent color fading.

I might have mentioned the 100 proof treatment oil in another blog post before, but I totally live off of this. It completely matte your hair into soft and silky and it helps with dryness, which I desperately cry for help after washing and flat ironing it. Not to mention, this thing smells amazing!

I will be honest, I was not a fan of their dry shampoo. I just didn’t think I got my value worth considering I have used Batiste in the past. I thought I would give this one a try and see how it goes, but kind of disappointed. I really like Batiste because it leaves minimal to no white spots, but this one does.

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I also took advantage of the sale and did a little upgrade in my skin care routine. Also before I jump into that, I just want to point out how badly I wanted to get the Clarisonic face and body uplift set, but budget-wise just didn’t seem to work (maybe next sale). Instead, I got the Fresh set for firming favourites. It came with the soy face cleanser, black tea age delay cream, black tea firming overnight mask, black tea age delay eye concentrate and black tea age delay firming serum. Now that I list out all the products, I totally makes me feel so old. Rest assure I am in my super early 20’s but through research it is always good to take care of your skin prior to wrinkles in order to delay aging. So by using this once a few weeks it can visbly help reduce lines or spots on your skin. Aging products also really helps with firming with the eye area which gets pretty bad during exam season! It’s one of those better start early type of thing.

Aside from beauty or skin care, I picked up a giant float that I am so excited to use once the weather gets warmer. I guess this is more of a summer favorites than an April favorites, but I am just so excited to get it going. I remember last year, I wanted to pick up one but they were sold out everywhere so this year I stocked up quick!

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Lastly, to cover a clothing piece in this article, I picked up a super comfortable and easy to wear jacket from Lululemon. Lulu has such great sports and leisure wear but let’s be honest, $150 for a pair of leggings just don’t justify the purchase. However, check out their “we made too much” section, I found find some great deals there. I recently got a running jacket for half price. I got it in black and it is amazingly warm and lightweight. If you a runner like me, you will love this!


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