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Who doesn’t love a long day out in the sun? When the weather is nice and it’s super sunny out I try to do everything on the patio. Whether it’s laying on the lounge chair, or writing a blog post, I do I under the sun. Of course, the power of the sun not only brings my mood up but it can also leave some marks, or should I say painful marks?

Before I head out I always try to get my SPF on (especially on the face) but on my body as well. Tarte’s sunscreen is actually one of my favorite products. It doesn’t leave your body sticky nor does it smell like sunscreen. The smell of sunscreen just brings back too many memories of summer kids day camp. But, the thing is sunscreen doesn’t always keep the sunburns away. Bet you didn’t know that sunscreen has to be reapplied every few hours either. And even though I know, sometimes I am just a tad too lazy to reapply. So in today’s blog post I will be talking about some sunburn remedies that can help relief that pain.

One of the best thing I like to try is at-home remedies. I like mixing things around home because I know it’s more natural and I know what’s being applied to my skin. So there are actually a few food remedies that you can place on top of your skin to sooth the pain. One of the most famous one is oatmeal. In the past, my mom always wrap dry oatmeal in like a gauze like material wrap. She would run it through cold weather, remove the oatmeal and then soak compresses in the liquid. It helps for a few hours, and once the pain kind of comes back, just re-do the process.

Another thing I saw my mom did to my sister once was using cornstarch. I wonder if it works with flour too (next experiment?). All you have to do is mix it with water. It’s more of a trail and error type to make it into a paste, so keep adding water or cornstarch until its pasty, and then just apply it right on to the sunburn.

Similarly, yogurt also work but that’s a bit costlier remedy (don’t know if it would sacrifice my yogurt for my sunburn). I also heard that tea bags work with swelling and relieving pain because of its tannic acid, so that would essentially work with sunburns as well! And one last food remedy are cucumbers! Cucumber has natural antioxidant, so if you chill it then smash it to make it into a paste, then apply it to the sunburn it will help with soothing for peeling skin – highly recommend once your sunburn starts peeling.

Make sure within the few days you keep hydrated! Drink lots, and lots of water! Aside from water, juice, sports drink can also help. The sunburn takes away a lot of water, so if you drink more to replace the lost body fluid, it will help with skin healing more quickly!