Women for generations have been talked about when it comes to everything we carry in our purse.  I am amazed myself at the things I find in my purse.  But what should you ABSOLUTELY HAVE in that cute little handbag that comes in handy for all of those long nights at the club or event hopping?  Well our list of beauty products (and many others) are key items you should have and if you don’t, run out and get now!:



Crusty lips are a no-no especially when putting on that favorite lipstick.  Whether you’re going with a naked lip or need to prep your lips for lipstick application, you always want to keep chapstick on hand such has Carmex, Burt’s Bees, or EOS.


Tissues, Wet Wipes, & Hand Sanitizer

If you’re like me, anytime I go out to eat I get a big plate of hot wings.  So to avoid getting grease on your shirt, dress, or on anyone else, tissues, wet wipes (i.e. Wet Ones), and hand sanitizer are great for easy clean up.



I mean who wants to be ashy right?


Comb, Brush, Hair Ties, and/or Bobby Pins

This is a given.  Never know when you might need to fix your hair whether it’s to touch up your bangs, bun, or to re do your side pony, a comb, brush, and bobby pins are life savers in this situation!


Deodorant & Feminine Spray

Don’t be that one female!  We all know of one who just doesn’t smell oh so right.  It never hurts to have extra deodorant and feminine spray to freshen up if you have a long night ahead of you.


Travel Size Tooth brush/Tooth Paste & Mints

Appetizers and drinks galore, your mouth is going to be yucky before midnight!  So before heading to the next spot, head to the ladies’ room for a quick brush and then top it off with a cool mint.


Blotting Tissues

For when oil and shine are being annoying.



Whether it’s a stray hair or hangnail, pluck away in 3..2..1!



I tend to get tension headaches that are gnarly, so when one sets on, I make sure I pop a few Advil so my night isn’t ruined by the pain.


Extra Translucent Powder & Makeup Brush

If you have to ever fix your makeup (like I do), make sure o bring extra finishing powder and an extra brush so your face looks as flawless hours after you left the house!