Hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party is definitely a great start to the holiday time. But buying an ugly Christmas sweater for forty dollars and you can only wear it once is definitely #notworth. But making an ugly Christmas sweater is easy; to begin, it does not have to be perfect, hence the word "ugly" ... so with a few tinsel and old decors and a bit of imagination it is easy as 1 2 3. Here are a few ideas and tips to making your very own ugly BUT CHIC Christmas sweater.

Be a Christmas tree this year! First, grab a plain colour dark green sweatshirt. Then pin the garland, bells, and tinsel on to the sweater. If you do not have a sweater like such, you can easily find out at department stores such as Wal-mart for less than $10. 


Grab a pair of scissors and your inner childhood. Remember back in the days when we fold up a piece of paper to making snowflakes? This cute but ugly Christmas sweater require that set of skill. Cut up a bunch of Christmas related shapes and designs and then glue it to the sweater, then top it off with a few adornments.




Just grab a pair of bells! This one can’t be any easier, pin two bells on the bottom of the shirt and add on “Tingle my bells”! This is so cute, simple and chic – not to mention funny too! You can also use your imagination to work around this shirt. If you do not like wearing red, switch the sweater up to green. Spice it up a bit more with a few more bells and tinsels. 

Feeling naughty before Christmas? Ugly Christmas sweater with captions are the best. “Feel the joy” with a twist of fun! Use a pair of cute gloves and securely pin them on to the sweater. You can either write or cut out the words for the sweater; this really depends on what kind of sweater you use, Keep in mind some sweater sticks a bit better with glue, some you might have to use safety pins. There are certain types of sweaters that markers may not hold on to. By the way, aside from being chic, all eyes will be on your sweater during the party ;)


Grab your boyfriend (or a bestie)! Team up with someone and make it a couple sweater. Talk about cuteness overdose. And it is surprising very easy to make. I found this cute easy tutorial on Pinterest, check it out:





 Overdo it a little this year! Nothing screams a good holiday sweater without over decorating! Go wild and decorate, throw in all the creativity you held back this year. After all, this is an ugly sweater so nothing can go wrong – if anything, the ugly the better. Use lights, tinsels, ugly ornament, dig through the scrap box beside the sewing machine to find other scrap of cloths or fabric. And lastly, have fun!