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Innovative Ways To Make More Storage Space

The holiday season screams for a time to clean the house and prep for the endless holiday parties. But by the end of the year, the house is nothing but clutters and junk. It is always so easy to buy, but not so easy to say bye to the stuff hoarded over the few months. As much as it seem necessary to have your whole collection of Cosmopolitan from the past two years or the 60 nail polish colours that you have not touched in years, having limited space ultimately means a harder choice to decide on what to keep or toss.Here are a few tips on how to innovatively organize your place and create more room.




  1. Hide everything under the bed! Maximize all the room you can. There are a few ways to do it, you can either buy a bed with storage underneath or if you already have a bed, raise your current bed with bed leg boosters and then slide in a few storage containers. To top it off, you can always add a bed skirt to hide it all.

  2. Look up! Tossing things (in a neat manner) on the top of high storage shelves is great way to hide things that you do not use often. Often the perimeter of the room is empty. Installing floating shelves would make a great decor for shelving old books or even place a few attractive baskets to hold smaller items.


3.Keep you dresser in a fashionably manner. Keep your dresser clean but properly storing your clothes could give you some extra space. By folding and rolling up your clothes and adding a few drawer dividerscould potential give you double the space. Bonus: vacuum packing out of season clothes also helps with keeping the bulkiness away.Try: filing t-shirt and not stacking; it's easy to pick up the one you want, rather than digging for the bottom one.


4.Add a bulletin board! It makes a great decor and helps you keep all the memorable junk in one place. Pin up all the random pictures, letters, cards you saved up. Instead of stuffing it into a box, pin it up! Make it into a piece of art you can admire on a daily basis.

5.Check out under the stairs and in the attic. Often times there are empty spaces to store bigger items. It is definitely a great place to store suitcase and other bulky items. If you have never used the storage space, chances are it might be a bit dusty in there. But nothing a good dusting can't fix.

6.Use a storage cabinet as a table. Dump the night table beside you bed, and invest in a storage nightstand - it is like a two in one. It is small, but getting rid of a night table for a night storage stand is one less piece of furniture. And some storage means more stuff hidden.


7.The smartest way to create more space is to throw things away. When was the last time you wore that sweater? If you say more than a year ago, toss it. Getting rid of stuff that take up space is the best way to clear all the junk and clutter out.


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