Everyone has things they couldn’t or wouldn’t want to live without, family is probably a bit of a given one! Everyone loves different things and some things are more of a priority to others but me being the materialistic person I am (I know, terrible) I have a lot of products and items that I wouldn’t want to live without, and here they are!

I’m sure I’m not the only one here, I don’t think I’d do very well without my phone – I feel a bit lost when the battery dies! I’ve got my phone on me 99.9% of the time because even if I’m not using it, I just don’t feel right being without it. That might sound quite sad but when you’ve grown up with something around it becomes just a part of your life, plus pretty much my whole life is on my phone (appointments and memories etc) and thinking about it I’d probably better invest in a diary and a photo printing service, just in case!

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This might sound like a strange one but I’ve always got deodorant with me. Since I was around 12/13 I’ve had hyperhidrosis meaning that I had to have a constant supply of deodorant on me to try and keep it at bay, but even now after having treatments that have gotten rid of it for a while I still find myself taking deodorant everywhere  and using it out of habit! It’s not that I necessarily need it now, but if I didn’t have it I’d feel pretty weird.

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Ring Necklace
I’m not going to bore you with a ton of details on this one, but the last thing that my step-dad bought me was a mood ring and I’ve put that on a necklace that I wear occasionally for a bit of luck or guidance. I know I don’t need it to stay alive or feel connected to him, but I can’t imagine not having it now!

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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Ok so from personal to makeup, this RT sponge is something I use every day and I can’t imagine using any other sponge! Of course I’ve tried a few, but none of them even come close to how well this blends my makeup. Of course for some foundations I need to use a brush, but even then I’ll use the RT sponge for my concealer and contour, I don’t think I ever go a day of wearing makeup without using it, so if it were to disappear I don’t quite know what I’d do with myself!

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Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Years ago, I never used concealer, so now when I look back at old photos I know why I look so tired! Nowadays I can’t go without it unless I fancy being asked ‘are you ok?’ all day and that’s something I’d rather go without! This concealer is perfect for someone with massive under eye bags (me) because it’s quite thick and creamy without being cakey. It’s got a doe foot applicator so it’s easy to apply and it blends like a dream!

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