Summer time is the best time to explore new, creative, and innovative beauty trends. Probably the best way to experiment with beauty trends would be with lipstick. Lips are one of the first features someone notices about you, and when wearing an intriguing, daring lip color, it makes the mind wonder even more! What crazy colors are you willing to try this season? Well check out our picks and see how we're spicing up our summer beauty routine!

I don't know what it is, but I have been into grey lipsticks and lip stains A LOT lately. Grey isn't a color I would expect someone to wear on your lips, but just like grey hair is making itself a new trend, grey lipstick is coming full force, in a michevious kind of way.

Red lips are definitely still on trend, but more so of a deep, blood red. It's without a doubt my staple lipstick when I want to create a classic, timeless look,which you can definitely create with a lipstick like Urban Decay's Bad Blood Matte Revolution Lipstick (right).

I've seen a lot of pastel, light colors this season, especially in the form of lavender like Lipstick Queen's "Let Them Eat Cake" (left). With a smokey eye and some slayed contouring, a lavender look would be a great everyday makeup look.

Black is always going to be in, but I feel it's more appropriate to wear in the summer than the winter, let's face it winter is already dark enough. But it is absolutely possible to pull off this look, very bold, and so edgy, I prefer an all white ensemble with a black lip, gives the illusion of contrast.

I am in love with Nyx's Wicked Lippie Collection. If you are looking to branch out and try crazy colors Nyx would be the first place to look, especially with the Wicked Lippie Collection. I like almost all of the lipsticks within this line, but my favorite is Sinful, it's a metallic blue to die for!

Lip tar has been something everyone is trying out, and I personally love all of the funky colors they have. I particularly like their yellow liptar, I saw a lippie demonstration where metallic eye shadow was put on top of the yellow as an ombre effect, how cool!


Last but not least, this is a lipstick that well, will just blow your mind. On the outside it looks green, but when you apply it, your lips become a pretty pastel pink! It's called Froggy Prince by Lipstick Queen and the name is so suiting! Has anyone else tried a color changing lipstick? I don't think so!!!