Even thought traveling is exciting and thrill rushing, the process itself can be a hassle and a headache. Not only dealing with going to the airport, customs, and overcoming your fear of traveling on a airplane, the headache simply can come from trying to pack for your adventure. And no matter how much you prepare and double check your list, something is always forgotten and your trip is a little less fun. Well with these 5 tips on how to pack more efficiently, hopefully your packing task for your next trip will go smooth sailing!


Put your heavier clothing on the bottom

It's always best to put your heavier items on the bottom, to make it easier for yourself when locating your outfits and other items.

Either roll or fold your clothing

If you need more space in your suitcase and aren't worried about weight, roll your clothes. If you are limited on space and do not want to carry around the extra weight, fold your clothes.

Use the inside of your shoes as storage

Put your socks and other small items inside your shoes to save space.

Pack fragile items in the center of your suitcase or bag

The clothing inside of your suitcase acts as a cushion. By putting your fragile items inside the center of your suitcase they are less likely to break.

Use the creases in your luggage to pack your undergarments

By putting your undergarments in the creases, you don't waste valuable space.