I know its summer in Canada, but unlike everyone else, I am back in school, zzz. Today I am going to feature a quick glimpse at my purse. My purse is definitely never this clean, there is always random junk and receipts in here! But here are a few ‘everyday’ items that I carry.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing: This lotion practically saved me during the Spring. You would think that during Spring the weather would be more humid, but nope; with the dry weather and all, this lotion make my hands SO soft. The only thing I don’t love about it is the scent, it’s scentless, so it smells like “lotion”; I would prefer something more sweet.

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Spray/ Cookie Dough Hand Sanitizer: Sweet pea is one of my favourite bath & body works scent, it reminds me of Spring & Summer. It really brightens my day & get me ready in the morning. The smell of cookie dough is simply addicting; it’s always good to keep hand sanitizer with you, you never know what you will run into!

Pentel RSVP/ StaedtlerFine Pens:These pens save me from school. I take all my notes & lessons in them, they are seriously THE best pens I’ve ever used. The  Pentel pens runs on so smoothly, the Staedtler colourful pens are perfect for note taking.

Longchamp Makeup Bag: That is definitely a whole different blog post to go into. There’s just too much going on in my makeup bag. I love the size of the Longchamp makeup bag, it fits just about everything I need but doesn’t over clutter my purse.

Sunglasses: FINALLY, the sun is out, and the weather is getting warmer, time to get out all my sunglasses. Seriously counting down the days till Summer. I use to love Aviators, but I’m starting to like retro and vintage styled ones too. These ones are a similar style to the ClubMaster style from RayBan; I purchased them a few years ago in Downtown Toronto for $5. 

Tiara: My emergency tiara, in case the one I wear to school breaks ;)

Mini Kleenex Box: I got this in the mail as a sample from Kleenex, I'm addicted to it. It’s so mini and perfect because I have a cold right now. It’s also very convenient for an everyday use.   

Tangerine: It’s that time of season again, where tangerines are sweet and seedless (here in Canada anyways) the best fruit ever.

 EOS Strawberry Lip Balm: I still haven’t found that one chaptstick that actually makes my lips perfect, like it keeps it moisturize I guess, but in a way my lips are always dry. This one tastes so good though and it’s cute to carry around. I works like any typical chapsticks (or chapball).  

The Great Gatsby (Cliff’s Notes): I swear I actually read the whole book of The Great Gatsby. But I got to admit, Sparknotes& Cliff’s Notes are my lifesaver.

Everyday Cards: Walmart GiftCard, American Express Prepaid GiftCard, Yogurty’sFroyoGiftCard, Starbucks GiftCard& Student ID Card. I love carrying giftcards because it handles the paying part so much easier & faster. These are all stores near school, so I carry them for easy & often use. [The AE prepaid card is also great for online shopping, if the online store is a scam you only lose however much you have loaded on your giftcard (if anything)]

Michael Kors Wristlet: this is a flat wristlet, doesn’t fit much but perfect for cards, coins, usbkey. It doesn’t really hold much, but sometimes when I am using a small purse, I would rather carry the wristlet instead of my wallet.