So excited to have spring weather in the air! Warm weather, great outdoor events, and of course fashion. But what about the inside of your home? I am going to post 5 items you need that will have your home ready for spring as well.


Flowers are so beautiful and this is the time of the year where they bloom and come into their own. Real and fresh flowers. It brings life to the surroundings. No you don’t have to have a green thumb, but you can freshly buy your flowers at a local florist shop.



Some flowers can naturally full the room with secant but air secants are better! Oils, electric candles, candles, or a air spraying switch.


Pop of color-

Sky blue, yellow, and my personal favorite pink can bring a burst of color and add an inviting touch for your home in spring. Bold strips, solid colors or floral print wall paper are great choices! Also another great add if you are not in the mood to change your entire wall, easy peel and stick decals are great ways to decorate your home.


Spring Cleaning-

Don’t say this cliché’, actually use it. Start a garage sale to make room for the new fabulous items you have coming in. Clean space brings in great energy as well.

Organic throws-

Spring time can still get chilly on most days, to keep you and your guest comfortable and without having to sweat under a thick blanket, these throws are light and come in soft spring colors.