Paris is super luxurious, with divine cuisines and amazing artworks all around. Take a tour and see the beautiful architecture that Paris has to offer and end it with a night stroll and gaze at the lights flickering throughout the whole city.


Enjoy the breath taking views, walk on the white sands that Fiji has to offer and dip your toes in the warm crystal clear water. Fiji has the best of both worlds; you can relax by sunbathing on the beach or be adventurous by scuba diving.


Known as the city of water, explore the Grand Canal and take a romantic gondola ride while you listen to the sweet viola playing in the background. Soak up the sun and enjoy going to the fresh markets or even walk around the city and admire the historic buildings.


If you can afford it, honeymooning in Bali will likely exceed your expectations. And it’s easy to see why: Sprawling beaches, breathtaking temples and secluded jungle bungalows make a jaw-dropping backdrop for starting your new life together.


Spend walking your days through labyrinth of stone streets and exploring the greenery of the Boboli Garden. Take a look at the historic building and the renaissance architecture enjoying amazing Italian cuisine and end it with a sip of wine.


They’re private villas on the secluded beaches which makes it relaxing to honeymooners. It also offers hikes and kayaking down the Wailua River. Watch the sunset go down on the beautiful clear blue water.


With jungles to explore, volcanoes to tour and trails to hike, Maui makes a great place to stretch your married legs. Sprawl across miles of shoreline and take advantage of all the perks that come with a luxurious resort stay.


If you’re honeymooning on the French Riviera, you may as well do it as lavishly as possible. The party doesn’t truly start until after sundown, when casinos and clubs burst with activities.

St. Barts

St. Barts caters to the ultra-chic; his Caribbean island is nothing but relaxed and welcoming. You and your other half can spend your days soaking up the rays next to iguanas.

New Zealand

There are gorgeous beaches for swimming and sunbathing, freshwater lakes for fishing, fast-moving rivers for rafting, breathtaking fjords to explore, and mountains to climb. There’s even a region of active volcanoes.

Hopefully these top destinations will give you an idea for a honeymoon. I plan on going to Maui with my husband by the end of this year to celebrate our late honeymoon. Good luck loves! Have a beautiful and blessed day.


Sandra L