Make-up lovers,

It’s me again, your good friend and fellow make-up lover! Being a girl can be fun and exciting, especially when it comes to our make-up. We are known to carry a lot of things in our purse and make-up bags, but show me—what’s in your make-up bag? Some items we carry just in case we want to use them, but others are there because we need them all the time. I am somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to make-up, but let me show you what’s in my make-up bag—these are my staple items.

  • set of make-up brushes or sponge wedges

  • a good moisturizer

  • foundation

  • eyeliner

  • mascara

  • eye shadow

  • blush or bronzer

  • finishing powder

When I really want to go red carpet with my look I have my highlight/contour compact and concealers to make the eyes and eyebrows pop. The cheeks are not to be forgotten so I have my bronzer and some shimmering highlight to bring out the apples of my cheeks! I also make sure that I keep a set or two of my favorite lashes on hand.

So ladies, the next time you get that unexpected date or invitation to that party everyone’s been talking aboutmake sure you have what you need in your make-up bag!