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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Next weekend in Mother's Day! Whether your mom is super stylish and trendy or likes to get cookin' in the kitchen, or even if she is a woman who already has everything, Mother's Day is the day to keep her smiling and to say thank you. The Mother's gifts ideas will help put a smile on her face, and help you find the perfect thing to do so.

Get Personal

Artifact Uprising ( makes it easy to put together a high-quality photo book of matte images (pulled from your Instagram feed or elsewhere) just for her. Choose from several formats and styles.



Useful & a Bonus Ego Boost

It’s her day, so go ahead and give Mom a little ego boost by validating all that wise advice she’s given you over the years. Plus, share a laugh with Mom and let her know she was right after all, with this playful tea towel.

Coffee Addict? Calls for a Copper French Press

For the woman who never starts her day without a freshly brewed cup of joe, give an accessory that will make her mornings more special (and feel more bearable).



The Great Outdoor Scent

Aside from just scented candles, check out these scented bubbles! As seen in People magazine. The most playful way to appreciate the work of master perfumer FrancicKurkdjian and by blowing bubbles redolent of freshly cut herbs.


Monogram It

Monogram gifts always hold a personal touch to it. The looping, scrolling text makes it a must-have for an ultra-feminine girl.Plus, there are so many different ways to monogram your gift.


Tip: some high-end leather stores do free monograming, such as Coach.


Check a few of these out:,,


Infinity is the best Symbol of Love

Interlocking rings, infinity symbols, knots, are all symbols of love and eternity. Jewellery like such makes an elegant accessory that holds a thousand words. Check out a few of my mom’s favorite pieces.,,


For a Crafty Mom

A little birdie told us that crafty moms will love this knitting helper. For an extra-thoughtful touch, fill with a ball of her favorite yarn before wrapping it up.

Designer Look, Less the Designer Prices

“I don’t want to stuff my produce in my Prada, where can I find a stylish, Eco-conscious reusable bag?” My Other Bag: a line of Eco-friendly, sustainable tote bags playfully parodying the designer bags we love, but practical enough for everyday life.

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