And with a blink, we are towards the last few weeks of summer. Sad, I know. Those warm sunny days, evening bliss of breeze feels… we only have a few more weeks of it, so why not make the best of it? Towards the last feel days of school back in June, we all have this huge list of things we want to do this summer. However, everyday laying around in bed being lazy is one less thing we can do. Admit it. You might even have spent more than half of your summer just staying home watching Netflix. So this is just a friendly reminder, to get off the couch and do these ten things to make your summer an unforgettable one… and so you can go back to school telling everyone how you spent your summer. Here are the top ten things you must do before the end of summer. I challenge you all to do at least half of the list, if not all!

  1. Catch a free outdoor movie

Here in Toronto, there are so many outdoor movies all year round. However, with the weather catching a movie during the summer is always the best. You will get to enjoy the fresh night air, plus it is usually free. They sometimes play a range from new and classic movies. Grab some friend, a lawn chair and snacks, and relax in the balmy evening breeze!

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  1. Go for a picnic

Picnic is the best way to unwind and relax. Either it is with some friends or you S/O, grab a cute picnic basket or a cooler, find a nice grass open field, plop down and have a meal. A lil ol' fashion, but definitely a whole lot of fun!

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  1. Get that body moving

Summer is the best time to get into shape. Either it is outdoor activities or even indoor workouts, anything that gets you moving or firming up that tummy is a must. Summer is the best time to lose weight and get that toned body because there is more to do. Either it is a game of beach volleyball or even a nice bike ride.

  1. Enjoy the water - kayaking, canoeing, paddling, you name it!

Rent one of the above to enjoy an afternoon pleasure of paddling. Often times, there are more to see in the water bed than in land. You can also spice it up with having a picnic by the water!

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  1. Bike to find hidden gems (not literally)

Often times in the downtown area, there are bike stations. I was in Montreal a few weekends ago, and they had 400 stations all across Montreal call Bixi bikes. These stations are all over town, and I got to explore so many different neighborhoods and uncovering super cool places. Riding along the city's lively streets was also such an unforgettable experience. The best part about these bike stations is that you can just drop off your bike at any stations - you don't need to worry about your bikes being stolen or bring a bike locks. It is SO convenient.


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  1. Spa days... just to relax

This is my favourite thing to do with my boyfriend. Just a day of relaxing... although it definitely doesn't happen often because it is quite a pricey thing to do. Our typical is a couple’s massage, and often times along with a massage is free access to their hot tubs, outdoor whirlpools, cold showers, terrace, gardens, etc. We can literally spend hours and hours there, there are so many rejuvenating treatments. A friendly reminder, keep tabs on how much your treatments are because if you are not careful you can easily end up with a bill over four digits!

  1. Sipping cocktails ft. a nice view

Grab a few girlfriends, find a nice restaurant with the best view possible - plus a patio. Hint hint: rooftop bar is always a good one! Order a few apps, cocktails, and just relax. Nothing is better than sipping cocktails with girlfriends in nice weather. This is #goals.

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  1. City Markets & Festival

Check your calendar for the list of markets and festivals that is happening. In Toronto, ever since August started, there is at least one big event or festival happening during every weekend. If you aren't from a bigger city, there usually are some smaller festivity happening, they are usually lots of fun! If not, maybe check up on a bigger city! These are summer gems and you will definitely regret not going in the winter!

  1. Hit up a county fair!

We have CNE in Toronto, it is this huge carnival that goes on for a few weeks. I dare you to try the craziest fair food there, I am hinting deep fried mars bars or deep fried Oreos! I probably should recommend that you hit the crazy rides before indulging the glorious treats!

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  1. Get some ice cream and hit the beach – it is as simple as that.

That’s me with my ice cream at Port Stanley beach just last week!

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