2/3/8 Pcs Professional Makeup Beauty Air Cushion Sponge

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These Air Cushion Puff is perfect for giving a smooth finish to your make-up. This is an essential tool for giving your makeup a professional finish. A hand-washable, high-quality velour puff, it quickly and easily blends out lines to seamlessly smooth and buff your powder and cream products. Hand wash with mild soap and rinse clean with water. Wrap a towel and squeeze the excess water. Let the furry puff side up to air dry.


  • Soft velour powder puff that helps give makeup a smooth finish
  • Can be used with powder and cream products
  • Comes with a grip ribbon for easy handling
  • Weight: 20/40g
  • Suitable for: Home/Party/Other Professional Use
  • Material: Sponge Puff
  • Feature: Super Soft, Wet Dry Dual Use
  • Size: 4*4.8 cm/5.4*5.4 cm
  • Widely Apply in: Powder/Foundation/Cream/Blush etc
Packing Content: 2/3/8 Pcs Puff 

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