10 Best Clothing Stores to Shop From For Women

 Hello loves, today I'm going to list the best clothing stores for women. I personally 

love shopping online because you can go on Retailmenot.com and see if your favorite

store has any coupon codes to offer so you can save some money. Here are my top 10

store to choose from. 


1. Charlotte Russe


Right now Charlotte Russe have a deal going on buy 1 get one 50% off and free

shipping over $50.00. They have amazing clothes and the quality is great for the price.

Great size fitting rooms and they always have great finds in the sale section. Jewelry

is always 2 for $10.00. This store is great if you want girly, on trend, or a night out


2. Forever 21


Forever 21 is probably the most popular store to women and girls. It's affordable and

they're always on trend. Lately Forever 21 is coming out with exclusive collaboration

with designers and celebrities. I love the style deals they have to offer and super



If you currently attend collage they are doing 10% off. Asos has more of a edgy and

vintage style. They have a pretty high point on price on some of their items but the

quality is amazing!

4. Zara


Clothing is pricey but its absolutely worth it for the quality that you're getting. I shop

at Zara for key pieces that you have to have in your closet. they have super chic

clothing and their blazers are to die for!

5. Victoria’s Secret


Known for amazing and sexy lingerie and comfy undies, I adore the PINK line from

VS. I mean who wouldn't want to be cute and comfy at the same time?! Some of the

clothing has a bit of glitz to glam up your wardrobe. They also do great deals and

watch out for the semi- annual sale.

6. Bebe


Quiet expensive but I absolutely love how the clothes feel on the skin. It's flattering

and sexy at the same time. They have party dress to maxi dresses to choose from.

Don't forget about the iconic plain crystal Bebe logo shirts.

7. Urban Outfitters


I mean it’s all in the name; they have more of a urban and edgy style which is also

comfortable. Not to mention they also have cute and quirky stuff in the stores.

8. Top Shop


They have a fun mixture of fun party clothing and trendy staples . I don't have a Top

Shop store in my state but I've been to one in California. They have lots of clothing

styles to choose from.

9. H&M 


Store or online they have a great clothing variety for anyone, any age, and any style.

10. J Crew


Always on trend and beautiful clothing that is well made and great fit. J crew is great

for any one. They have amazing silky blouses that just fit perfectly and that can be

styled in many different ways.