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10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Blog by: Angie Brand

Hey Lovelies!!!! I am writing this article today with so much excitement in my heart. I mean, seriously, shoes? My heart skips a beat at the mere sound of the word. LOL I had tons of fun researching and collecting information for this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


By nature, I am attracted to any kind of stiletto, knee high boot, and occasionally a cute pair of sneaks when I’m feelin’ a little hip-hop. So it occurred to me, why not ask some of you what you think, so I posed the question: What are some types of shoes you think every woman should own? The twist in the plot is that I asked the question to a group of women and the same to a group of men, separately. Without having to say it, the responses from the ladies were practical, fashionable and extremely tasteful. The guys offered some helpful tips as well, some based on fetishes, fantasies, professionalism, or just plainly off of what they hate to see. Whether we care what they think or not, I still think it’s important to give them a voice, I mean it’s all for them right? Lol so without further ado, the ladies…

A common consensus of the ladies, revealed a black shoe; some kind of black shoe is definitely a must. A pump, sling back, stiletto, but something standard as it is and I quote; “multi-functional”. I agree. I think a black shoe is a staple for any woman’s shoe collection. Whether professional, formal, casual, or sexy it works! Also, a nude, earthy or softer shade was suggested. A variety is definitely in good taste. Boots, casual flats, and casual sneakers were among the other necessary items. Let’s not forget the cute and comfy fuzzies, perfect for fall or wintertime cuteness. While the neutral and easily compatible shades are important, let’s not forget the spice a pop of color can add to any outfit or shoe collection. Dare to be bold!!!


Now, the guys. They had some very interesting and detailed preferences. One of my “consultants” suggested, and I quote: “Probably some type of nude colored pump…it’s just a classy classic look, shows her sophistication.” Ladies, if you don’t have a pair, you betta get you some!!!! Lol

I have to admit, I expected the gentlemen to lean more toward the sexier shoes. High heels, and open toed shoes. While some of them did, it was the comfort factor that kept coming up. Most of them preferred a woman to be comfortable, that’s what they found to be sexy. I’d prefer to be cute, but, to each his own. Lol Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading. I hope it was helpful. I want to say a special Thank You to all of my participants, my “focus” group. I have been validated and educated simultaneously. Ladies, does your shoe collection need an upgrade? If so, take notes, save this blog, share it, repost it, take it to the store with you. I’ll make it simple for you.

Here are the 10 shoes every woman should own:


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