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10 Braids to Try this Summer

What better hairstyle to have while trying to survive the scorching heat? BRAIDS! They last long and not to mention they have some SUPER CUTE styles you canrock! Now lets get into the 10 braids to try this summer!


    • The French Braid Tucked in leaves room for your neck to breathe while giving you a fancy up do!

      found on


        • The Spiral braid gives you a whimsical look for the day! Leaving it on one side adds to the sexiness of your do!

          spotted on


            • Speaking of side braids how beautiful is this bohemian side braid! The perfect do for running errands or a night out with girlfriends.




                • The Ladder Ponytail Braid is super cute and gives me that Ariana Grande vibe for obvious reasonslol. Super cute but a little more difficult from your average braid but hey the outcome is gorg!



                    • This super cute Fishtail Halo Braid was spotted on and it is definitely one of the hottest summer braid looks. Feel free to add a flower behind your ear.

                        • Feel like going Dutch? This super cute Mini Dutch Side Braid is sure to grab the attention of others while you’re partying it up! Super playful, super cute and easy to do! Photo from



                            • Feeling adventurous? Try this Multi Braid Bun out! It’s not the easiest style but it adds that extra umph and adventure you’re looking for. Photo from

                                • Mini Boho Braids are always a fun way to liven up your hair. It’s also a quick hairstyle you can do in under 30 mins!This photo is from

                                    • Double Crown Braid anyone? You’re practically royalty anyway might as well give this style a run for its money!This photo is from

                                        • Ah the Reverse Braided Bun! This style is having a comeback this summer and we love it! Combining our two favorite things, buns and braids. This photo is from

                                          I hope you guys can find some inspiration from these hot 10 summer braid looks J



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