Hey everyone! I keep seeing all these “Easy Nail Design Tutorials” that aren’t so easy! There’s something so elegant about a well-manicured painted nail but all that water marbling and those fancy flower designs are just too much. I put together a list of 10 nail designs that are actually easy

  • Color Blocking

            Let’s start off with something easy and classic. This super easy nail design can be done with any two colors you’d like!

Directions here.

  • Turquoise and Gold Stone

            These nails are super gorgeous and SUPER easy. To create this look you just have to apply your basecoat and dip a plastic crumpled bag into the gold polish and stamp your nail.

Directions here.

  • Negative Space

            All you need for these simple nails is a basecoat, tape and a topcoat. It’s crazy how such a simple design can have such a dramatic effect.

Directions here.


  • Newspaper Nails

            Mix things up and use your favorite comic strip for this easy nail design. Pair it with a black accent nail and a tiny red heart for a romantic or Valentine’s Day look.

Directions here.

  • Tiny Hearts

            Speaking of hearts, learn how to create a cute heart in this tutorial…

Directions here.

  • Splatter Design

            Not only is this nail design super easy but also it’s extremely fun! Use holiday color combos to create fun holiday manicures.

Directions here.

  • Marble Nails

            Create these marble nails with two of your favorite colors. So simple. SO pretty. Most of all, SO much better than water marbling and easy too!

Directions here.


  • Graffiti Nails

            I really love this unique nail design because it’s edgy but not too crazy. These nails can be worn dressed up or casual. I also really love the mixture of gold and silver and did I mention they’re super easy to create?!

Directions here.

  • Retro Flowers

            I wanted to skip the whole simple dot nail flower design and find a flower design that while easy to do still looks sophisticated and pretty. I totally found that with this super easy and simple to do retro flowers!

Directions here.

10) Faded Floral

            And finally, I floral design that looks more like watercolor to me but still gorgeous! If you tend to make a mess doing your nails, this design is for you. If you get a little bit messy with this, it’ll still look great!

Directions here.

I hope you guys found this blog useful! If you have any ideas, comments, concerns or questions PLEASE feel free to leave a comment below! For amazing nail art tools head over to MyMakeupBrushSet.com and click on the “tools” link under the cosmetics menu!


Stay Beautiful,