Every woman that loves makeup knows that having and perfecting the Cat-eye is a must. There are so many options to creating that perfectly seductive look with gel pens, pencils, and liquid liners. With so many types, we have narrowed it down to the top 5 along with giving you some amazing tips and tricks!


Gel Liners: are great for someone who doesn't  have a steady hand, and easy for perfecting that sexy cat eye. It glides on smoothly and sometimes comes with a specialty brush.  


Pencil Liners: are easy to apply but don't spread on as smoothly as Gel liners.


Liquid Liners: comes in a “pen-style”  and usually takes a while to dry after use.


5) Tips/tricks: Place your elbow on the counter, pinky finger on cheek, while doing your eyeliner, and take your time. This is for someone whose hands aren’t steady.

(Photo credit: Makeypgeek.com)

4)Tips/Tricks: If this is your first time using eyeliner such as a liquid pen, try placing two to three dots to connect them. This will keep you from going overboard with your line.

(Photo Credit: Karla Cosmetics)


3)Tips/Tricks: Make your shadow pop by using a white eyeliner on top of your primer and base.

(Photo Credit: Hellogiggles)


2) Sexy Cateyes:Tips/Trick: Use a pencil liner as a guide for liquid liners. Simply trace over the pencil with the liquid liner.

1)Tips/Trick: Draw your flick/winged towards your instead of away.

(Photocredit: Youtube)