Hello my Beauties!

I’m back with another blog, and today I will be giving some tips on best eye makeup.

Ok so beginning with PRIMER:

Primer needs to be applied all over the eyelid, prior to applying any eye shadow, eyeliner or anything because it helps the eye shadow last longer, prevents the oils from creasing up our shadows, and eyelid from getting oily. You my also use a concealer as a base and set with some powder.



 After having applied primer pick a neutral Eyeshadow Palette that has a highlighter a dark brown and a matte black color.

                                                                         5 Color EyeshadowPaletter – $9.99         20 Color Professional Makeup Kit - $19.99

                                                                            Both can be found at www.mymakeupbrushset.com/collections/eyes

 Once you’ve found an eyeshadow palette apply in this order.

Don’t forget to blend! Blend! Blend! And don’t forget to add some eyeliner and some false lashes to finish the look.

Tip: for a more natural look add some whispie lashes and don’t exaggerate the cat so much.

Here is a video to help you better:



I hope that you guys take these tips and ill talk to you guys later on another blog.

Bella Moore