Heart Shape Silicone Cosmetic Brush Cleaner Board

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Convenience and easy to use,easy to clean
Includes face and eyes brush cleaning textures
Shape:Heart shape
Color:Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange
Size:App 8cm*7.5cm*2.5cm
Package Weight:App 43g
Package Included:
1 x Makeup Brush Cleaner (Not including the brush
How to Use:
Insert your fingers inside the glove to aid holding it properly or just place tool 
on your p-alm.  
Add your desired cleaning product on the ridges and grooves and gently clean  the brush bristles on the ridges to agitate them.  
The small ridges on the top can be used for foaming and lathering.
The grooves in the bottom of the cleaner are used to agitate the bristles.

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