Magic Wrinkle Remover Pen

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Get fresh looking skin with this Magic Wrinkle Remover Pen. Use this massager around your eyes, corners of the mouth and T area to smooth out wrinkles and help reduce fine lines. Helps minimize fatigue look and promotes blood circulation. 


To help eliminate wrinkles,bags under the eyes,wrinkles,dark circles,regulation of subcutaneous cells,increase the blood circulation ring,promote skin permeability,can import the beauty skin care products to the skin deep.Photon wrinkle removing beauty color pen to do eye,face,forehead,neck.


  • High speed micro massage:accelerated cell friction,stimulation of muscle and deep tissue,promote new chen metabolism and fat decomposition.
  • The effect of magnetic field:promote lymph circulation with internal cell activity,make skin younger.
  • Micro foaming effect:high speed fine foam,remove skin and pores of dirt.

Method of usage

  • Use water to clean the eye,coated with a little eye essence or essence.
  • Using photon wrinkle removing beauty pen nib(head), hold the pen body along the inner corner of the eye to the outside corner of the eye back massage 5-10 minutes to temple.
  • Using photon eye wrinkle remover beauty pen nib(head), hold the pen body along the inner corner of the eye to the outside  corner of the eye to the temples,eye face and massage 5-10 minutes. 


  • Available In Pink and White
  • Includes 1x Eye Beauty Massager