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Perfect Techniques To Store Your Cosmetics

Having a big makeup collection does not have to be a burden. All you have to do is to store your products correctly to turn it into art. It will simply be a piece of décor, a useful one too. There are many different ways to store your makeup. Some like to go with makeup storages, and those can be a bit expensive. But nevertheless, it will look super glamourous in your room. Beauty storages like clear plastic style has been a hit, for instance this is totally #simple&chic

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This style of makeup organizer is known as the cube and it is very well known. The price ranges from $100 for a smaller size to up to $200 for a bigger size. It is expensive because it is made from acrylic. This may look very familiar in the Kardashians makeup vanity. The price is high because the material is mostly thick and durable. This is a great storage look because it is super sleek and simple. The cube overall has a clean and sophisticated appearance.                                          

Another famous type of makeup storage that are seen all around the media is the classic Ikea Alex drawer unit. This draw unit comes in many different sizes, the 9 drawers one is the most popular and can hold lots. The high unit means less floor space for more holdings. It can be purchased:

 A lot makeup rooms place one beside their vanity for a full makeup storage and shelf holdings. You can even upcycle it with some paint and cute door knobs. Some also uses it as the desk legs for table vanity.

Image Courtesy of Ikea | via


Here are a few inspiration of what you can get done with the Alex drawers and a matching white ikea table as vanity. Take some cutlery trays for the drawers, This keeps your most used products organized and handy.

Image Courtesy of Makeup Tutorials | via

There are also easier methods and creative ways to organize and store you makeup. The following few methods are innovative and thinking outside the box, it will also save you money aka more money to buy makeup. 

If you are living a small apartment and lacking the glourious space of a vanity to lay out all your lippies, grab a hanging shoe organizer such as this one - 

hang it on a bathroom or closet door, and divide all your lippies in the pockets #savespace #savemoney.

This DIY has been around for some while and I think it is so smart. Using a cookie pan, some magnets to hold products up aginst your wall. It is super easy to do too! This is a great way to display all your favorite items. This works for foundation powder palettes, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer. It is also very easy to access on a daily routine.  

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