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Easy Back To School Looks

I know, I know, who has time to think about makeup when you're rushing out of the door in the morning?? But we wanted to give you some easy makeup tips you can use for school in the a.m. Just some ideas to get you guys out of the door as quick and as beautiful as possible, so lets get into this.


1| The Basics

I always hear women say "if I'm not going to do a full face of makeup, I at least add some mascara, some moisturizer and a lip!" This is such a great quick method because mascara opens up your eyes, a great lip can advance your look and of course your skin needs to be moisturized! This is a quick great look that you can do in minutes!


2| Add some eyeliner!

Eyeliner instantly gives your eyes an amazing shape as well as highlights the natural shape of your eye. It adds some spice to your look! Now when adding eyeliner you can keep it pretty simple or you can take it up a notch and do a light cat eye.


3| Keep it minimal

You don't have to add a pound of makeup on your face if you want to do a full look. I personally don't use foundation because my skin is so sensitive, so I avoid heavy makeup looks. Try keeping it simple maybe just some moisturizer, concealer a lip and a brow.


4| Lip gloss?

Keep lip gloss in your bag because if all else fails at least your lips look amazing!! Use a lip liner first if possible!


5| BE creative

Need a little blush but left yours at home? Use red or pink lipstick to give you that same blush effect. Lip liner and eyeliner can be used for either lip or eye. Sometimes we have to be creative in our makeup uses! 


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