We've finally hit my favorite season and whenever my wardrobe changes, my makeup changes with it! The pinks and pastels start fading out and my wardrobe is taken over by burgundy, purple, black and khaki - so of course I need to adapt my makeup!

One thing I love in autumn is darker lips! I tend to stick with pinks and nudes throughout spring and summer so as soon as September rolls round I'm dying to whip out the berries, reds and purples. One I've been loving lately is the So Susan Lip Dome in Blackcurrant because it's such a gorgeous berry shade and it's so easy to apply. Don't get me wrong, it's not precise and it takes a steady hand, but once you've lined your lips you just need to color them in and you're sorted. Of course I went shopping on payday, and after a trip to the new NYX stand I think I've found my ultimate autumn lip color! I went for one of the Liquid Lingerie colors in the shade Exotic and it's a gorgeous rust red - perfect for this time of year! It goes so well with everything and doesn't make me look too pale - plus it's a close match to the color of my new bag and I'm a sucker for matching colors! I've been reaching for my Candy K lip kit a little bit more in the last couple of weeks as well. Since getting Koko K I've neglected the rest of my collection a little bit because Koko just works so well as a summer color, but Candy is definitely more of an autumnal color. Candy K is a perfect pinky-red so it's great for those days that I don't want my lips to be too bold because it's not as bright as most of my other colors for this season! I've just had another Lip Kit delivery too and I managed to get Dirty Peach and Love Bite so I think Love Bite might be making it's way into my autumn makeup routine!

Nails are another thing I love to switch up in Autumn because I'm one of those cringey people that likes everything to match. I try to keep on top of my nails because I think your nails say a lot about you so I like mine to be neat (it gives the impression that I've got my life together). But of course, I can't stick to my summer colours in autumn - that's my definition of madness - so with a heavy heart my Barry M Coconut Infusion polishes go to the back of my pile and my normal Barry M polishes reappear - can you tell I like Barry M? Raspberry has been my favourite shade from the original collection for like 4 years now so this is my obvious go-to but I do quite like the shade Berry Cosmo this time of year too, so I tend to rotate between them!

Of course if I've got bold lipstick on, I've got to change the rest of my makeup a little bit to bring it up to scratch, right? I find myself reaching for the eyeliner a lot more in autumn because a more dramatic eye evens out the boldness of my lipstick (well it does in my head anyway). I'm only just starting to get into eyeshadows at the minute, so it's only every now and then that I actually leave the house wearing any but there are a couple that I'm loving! I've been using a couple of Essence nude shades for a simple eye and at the minute I'm using the Eyeko fat liner or the Essence Easy2Use Eyeliner depending on how thin I want my line/flick line to be. I'm definitely looking at getting a gel liner soon though because as much as I love the ease of a pen liner, my eyes water quite a bit and they're rarely waterproof!

One thing I also like to make sure of is that I'm taking care of my lips a little more than usual this time of year. I have chapped lips 90% of the time, so you can imagine how bad they get in the cold. I like to have my Lush lip scrubs and some sort of lip balm or Vaseline on hand all the time, carrying them in my bag and keeping a back-up lip scrub and a Body Shop lip butter (I go for Strawberry myself) in the bathroom at home so I can use them before bed! It's also just as important to keep on top of skincare in the colder months as it is in the summer - so make sure you're not neglecting your skin!