Many think that lashes are bluntly simple but indeed it is not. If you walk into Sephora, there are probably more than 200 different brands and types of mascaras. One brand alone usually has three to four lines of mascaras.

How do you choose your mascara will easily define what your lashes say about you.

If you reach for the volume mascara it means that you want it bold and make a statement, it plays a pop of dramatization in the eyes. It is also known that thick lashes leave a great impression of gentleness and open-mindedness. Keeping those lashes exquisite.

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Stay away from thin lashes because it shows that you are lazy and could lead to potential break in blood circulation problems. Stay away, stay away.

Long lashes show a side of romance. Bating those lashes will help get the boys ;) It will foster a great romantic vibe

Make it glow with colors. Calling all trend-setters who want to stand out. The brighter the mascara the crazier the lashes. Choose from colors like teal, gold, purple, may the colors be in your hands.

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Short lashes are boring but it does not mean sad, because short lashes show a sign of practical, less sensitive, and a great problem solver. The less time you spend on picking mascaras the more time you have for other things… lol

Making them long is also a thing (duh!), long eyelashes mean extra sensitive but also means fire chi presence. This is what everyone want though, why else would people drop $30 on a mascara. The longer the better.

Going all the way, we are talking about fake lashes. There are many different types of fake eyelashes.

There are the permanent lashes aka the eyelash transplant. Practically a surgery with anesthesia but think of it as less surgery more beauty. It will give additional eyelash growth but it is costly. It is recommended for those who have trouble growing their lashes.

Not to fear, there is another alternative which is semi-permanent lashes. This is glued so no surgery involved. They may fall out every now and then but only within a few months. Ditch the morning mascara routine and get your lashes filled with these. This is perfect for a #2busy4mascara life individuals.

Synthetic lash extensions are made with quality hair fiber it is more light and consistent than other types. This will give a more natural look on the lashes. It is also water resistant and offers a longer lasting wear. This is the smart route.

Cluster lash extensions are small bunch that can help you fill your lashes. There are many different size and shapes too choose from - that is for another article. This is DIY material, you can easily do this at home. It is also cheap too, it costs around $4 to $6 dollars #gooddealz. It helps saves time and also give a very natural look.

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