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10 Great Outfit Ideas to Keep Casual Friday Super Cute

Casual Friday is supposed to be easy, a cute blouse plus a pair of jeans. But there's a lot more to it to keep every Fridays outfit super cute. This article will have ten chic outfit ideas with simple pieces you can find in your closet.

1.You cannot go wrong with a cardigan; it will always look good on a causal day. A cardigan is also a piece that you can dress it up a bit more with a few accessories or go super casual but still look good.

  1. A plaid jacket or plaid shirt/blouse is excellent for a casual Friday - but only one plaid piece please. Plaid pants and a plaid jacket is a no-no. The pattern keeps it cool and chic. Plus, it is such a versatile look that can be paired with many other pieces.

  1. Get out of your heels and give your feet a break. Grab a pair of cute flats, from ballet flats to oxfords - get a little daring!

4.A button down is always classy, instead of matching it with a blazer, pair it with a sweater or a stylish pair of booties. The crisp shirt adds structure for a more polished and refined look. Some pattern and embellishments will add more fun to the look too!

5.Go funky with the blazer because black is boring. Spice it up with a bright colour or crystal embedded blazer. It will still give the strong structure of power look but a bit more casual that aims for the chic look. Add a necklace or a pair of leather flats to modernize the look.

6.Sweater dress is so in these days. A dark dress is a perfect replacement for a business suit. Of course, keep it simple cut and not too tight to keep it conservative. Add a few black leather pieces to go with it, such has a pair of knee-tall leather boots and a black leather purse. To keep the refined look, add a long pewter necklace to give the outfit a punch that's not too gaudy.

7.If you want to keep the skirt, casual it up on the top. Instead of going all out with  button down and  blazer, wearing a cute blouse with a leather jacket can casual down your skirt by a bit. The white against brown colour is also super chic and a step out of being too professional.

  1. Go with a pair of jeans and spice it up with a cute floral kimono! This is an outfit from Lauren Conrad and it is so chic. It is a bit more casual than business casual, but either way, we love the look!

  1. Similarly with the denim idea, wearing jeans on the bottom and a classic white button down and blazer is also a very professional look, with a touch of casual with the denim. Jennifer Aniston rocks this look!

  1. This is a fav! The elegant yet casual look is so adorable. The pair of boyfriend jeans is a tad more casual than usual, but the grey tweed cocoon cat and the check blouse bring such a nice touch to it. The Kate Spade purse, the white Louboutin pumps, plus the Olivia Burton watch accessorize this outfit to a higher level of class.


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