Happy Valentine’s Day! There is definitely no denying that Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuses to get dressed up and put on a super cute outfit.  What to wear for Valentine’s Day is always a tricky question; is it too fancy? Or is it too casual?

  1. Let’s start by color. Since it is a holiday of love, try stepping out of the monochromatic colors, and go for something pink or red. Some people might not be too comfortable with such a bold and bright color, so perhaps try something in a more pastel shade. Even a nude or burgundy color would look good!

  2. For a fancy romantic date night, keep it fancy but casual at the same thing (don't make it obvious that you've spent hours getting ready). Try a flared-out dress and a pair of easy to walk heels or flat. A few pieces of simple accessories will keep the outfit a bit more casual than too formal.

  3. If you're single, and just going out with a few friends. Do a jeans and cute blouse combo. "Galentine" is definitely better than Valentine’s day! Going for a soft color pink is cute without overdoing the Valentine’s Day theme; plus a pair of high-waist jeans plus a few of your fav accessories.

  4. If you really insist of a black dress, because any color is too much. A little black dress or jumpsuit would really hit it off with a pair of colorful pumps or heels. A few gold accessories will also do the trick to add in a bit more glam!

  5. Off-shoulder tops or dress is totally in right now! Strapless or no strap sometime is a bit too much for a date night or even a party. But off shoulder, has the right amount of sexy and chic mixed. An off shoulder maxi dress is the perfect glam wear this year. Some skin is always alluring – but some, not too much!

  6. Another tip for showing skin is that only reveal one particular part. This might sound a little weird, but to stay on the classy side and avoid the sleazy side. For example, if you have a great bust, try a low cut top, but that's it. Don't over-do it by wearing a low cut top with a min skirt. Instead go for a pencil knee-length skirt to balance it all out.

  7. When wearing a bright color, try to focus on one particular area. For example, your dress is a bright red; keep the accessories and the blazer or jacket to a nude, white or black color.

8.One thing that's pretty trendy this season is sweater dress. Those are pretty sexy especially if you live in a cold weather area. Match it with a knee-highboots; it's such a cute match. This is an outfit that is not bearing skin or too tight - definitely a comfortable look. A cashmere sweater never disappoints, always super soft, feminine and touchable!

  1. Leather! Leather signals power, passion and excitement -it's hot. But, wear it in moderation;one (max two) piece of colored leather is easiest to wear than black, especially on this lovey dovey day. A leather jacket worn over a flirty dress is super sexy.

  2. Animal prints! Similar to leather, keep it one (max two) piece of animal prints. A tiger prints on a tank top or an animal print pumps or scarf is enough to keep him roaring. Anything more, than that's trashy.